ES Tuesday 3-3-2015

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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thanks for the confirms gang !!
Nice recover on those fades Bruce, watching from a distance, you mentioned 2103 on your video today, curious why that number other than a cluster towards the close on Friday?? Thanks
i got out at 06 even. there was a lot of volume that came in at 5.5 making it the current vpoc of the day and i dont like hanging around high volume areas because the market tends to keep going back there. still is VA low of last week and it also part of yesterdays OR range..first one minute range of a week can be very I have 02.25 - 04.25 as weekly opening range
Just an FYI, rth high so far 10.75.

EURO IB low 11.25

Typically O/N is considered to be the weaker hands but there are studies out there indicating otherwise. Specifically that most gains are made ON?

Good luck everyone.

10:00 close above 105. and just now ticking above that high on that bar. obvious targets open price,
i'm still expecting 07.75 still but revising target to daily midpoint and final will be 07.75...somebody else can have that 09 area...
us longs want this to stay above 04.75 - 05.50
YD's VAL was 7.25 and they bounced off of that a few times before taking out YD's singles so i expect that to provide some resistance
nice hit in YD va low...perhaps my LTN is going to fail due to VA low nearby
my bad, i was referring to the range of yesterday coming in at 97.50. But the 150% extension for me came in at 95.5. ie 50% of yesterdays range, 6.5 below yesterdays low of 2102 comes in at 2095.50.