ES Friday 3-6-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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Also 10 points off the close.

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89.25 is 2 ticks from our 88.75 level so the buyers came in to defend that....
I'm expecting the open to be around the 93 mark. Plus 5 would go to EURO IB Low.
here are my thoughts...keeping it simple today....another probability which I do not have exact stat for is that we do NOT usually have three On midpoint failures in the same week......we have had two this I expect the 96 area to print today and will work off that assumption
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nearest greenie magnets are 91 and 97.25
ideally they would look into YD's range, clean up the poor low and then accelerate downwards... we shall see, i am going to be prepared for them to reenter YD's range as well as to look and reject it... got to keep an open mind
last On runner stopped out...starting new longs at 86.75.......will watch new weekly lows carefully on open....s2 at 88.75 is target from down here into the 85 area..that is new weekly lows..
we are also in Wednesdays buying tail....! better trades will come in RTh though
Agree with the buy down here, specifically @ 2/20 low target just before yesterday's swing low 93 ish
I have greenies at 85 area too.......
coming out heavy on runners at 90.75...greenie is here....holding two contracts to try and get Midpoint but could be trouble and they may need to dip back to S2 again...hope not..
On midpoint sits at s1 level...interesting obviously we need them to not spend much time under s2 this morning
All good. For me, the open is a significant level. Many bigger players have a simple saying- long above the open, short below the open- and I try to hop on with them when possible.

Good luck.