ES Friday 3-6-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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lots of work to try and get midpoint today I think.......clusters in the way from Wednesday and it's va low....certainly not impossible I just don;t think it willbe easy
some partying comments ...LOL...hope all do well and enjoy the weekend.....some some summary thoughts
No video below? Try this link: friday_finale.swf

Have a good weekend bruce.
have a good weekend Bruce and thanks for the videos as always. i missed my entries today but i will keep hunting :)
Stay loose Bruce!

Big Mike = +5 fade genius!!
they tested my 50% extension again on the open and bounced. 3rd time this week she has provided great support and easy money
when we open outside of yesterday and test this level, she has an extremely high chance of success for at least an initial bounce
30 min VPOC @ 89.5
5 points off the open to the tick
so i took the scenic route to profit town today. faded the low of YD and took a quick scalp to get some of the single prints.... oh well, as long as we stick to our plan, thats what matters...
All good. For me, the open is a significant level. Many bigger players have a simple saying- long above the open, short below the open- and I try to hop on with them when possible.

Good luck.