ES Friday 3-13-15

Buying into 52 now....targeting 54.25...No midpoint test yesterday from O/N ...51 - 52 has poc and Pivot

here are my quick key lines this morning
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here's another view based on one minute time
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euro 5min
Same principle but in the spot fx.....this is 5min eurusd my most favorite market in late Friday trading. Notice the red arrows are when the spot closes below a new horiz level so if you felt like shorting these would be good levels to trade for a profitable scalp. Anyways I know this is the ES thread but I have come to realize that all markets are related together some how. Rather it be the USD relation to US earnings or oils impact on the AUD, CAD futures , USD pairs, caterpillar stock, ES, NQ, YM, wheat, yield curve. Its all related and a part of a body just like your foot and nose is separate but apart of the same body. Learn what moves all markets. Wow im rambling now.
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crude friday 3 13th sell off
And here is oil. red down arrows are new level closes so a short entered one tick below would be a great scalp. Up arrows omitted because like the euro you shouldn't be going long unless there is higher highs no matter what magic gann number its hitting.
Good job solving the chart upload problem. What could we change about chat uploads that would make it easier for others?
Hi guy, how have you been? I'm not really sure it was a problem, I'm not tech savvy that's my wife's niche. I just love trading and would do it off hand drawn charts and daily call to broker if I could. Just makes me sad to see all the b.s. today. If I can speed up the agonizing process to those that truly love the game I would.
K oil is down 1.02 us index off slightly. Usd strong again and im short eurusd looking for a lower low than Fridays low. about 455 level
Great stuff Joe. Thanks for sharing!