ES Wednesday 3-18-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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Tuesday was an inside day with respect to Monday so I will be on the lookout for a breakout of the 2 day balance or a look outside balance and failure. I expect the morning to be slow and choppy until the FOMC announcement at 2 EST so the fades have a better chance of working than a breakout in the morning.
Feb VPOC/POC: 2083.5
March POC/VPOC: 2067.5/64.75
Weekly POC/VPOC: 2038.75/39
All time high: 2117.75

Originally posted by Big Mike

0 for 2 today. Time to conserve capital for another day.

Big Mike: Enormous kudos for not trying to kid yourself or anyone else and being open with your results. I'm incredibly impressed with the humility and humanity expressed by you and BruceM and New Kid and all the others for your ability to "vocalize" you losers as well as yours winners.

No matter what we do in life we will have successes and failures. I think that it's our ability to accept and own our failures that makes us successes in the future.

Also great to see that winning trade of yours at the end of the day!

Good trading everyone!