ES Wednesday 3-18-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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Tuesday was an inside day with respect to Monday so I will be on the lookout for a breakout of the 2 day balance or a look outside balance and failure. I expect the morning to be slow and choppy until the FOMC announcement at 2 EST so the fades have a better chance of working than a breakout in the morning.
Feb VPOC/POC: 2083.5
March POC/VPOC: 2067.5/64.75
Weekly POC/VPOC: 2038.75/39
All time high: 2117.75

97 is daily 2 SD band and weekly 1.28 SD band. only 5% chance we close above 97 but i am not brave enough to take this short
ending the day with a loser....only surprise is up here is the blow through of 92.50..if I can find something good ( which is doubtful) i will try once more as I think they will need to come back for that 92.50..If not in RTH then in O/N tonight
good trading Bruce
well I sold Va high from 3-3 and singles /selling tail....trying for 97.50
I find that quite often an area that is my stop loss on a trade gets tested if they push through what would be really cool if they could just sell it down to 92.50 ...LOL....asking too much I think ..but my measly 2 runners will try for 95.50 and then that 92.50....but plan on getting stopped out...ha

thanks for the good words newkid
gotta take something at 95.75....just too close to my other target ...only one left now......where will it go ??? no idea...but how about 92.50...I have a feeling this 95.50 won't give it up too easy
revising last target to 93.25 ...not sure if it will go ther but gotta get out in front of that 92.50...c ya tomorrow...a good finish considering the big up moves
just pulled the last at 93.75 print....just can't give this back for .50 extra points and a lucky move
well look at that...very cool...even if I didn;t hang on
Was able to finish off the day on a good note. Short the +5 @ 7:47 PM CT
Originally posted by Big Mike

0 for 2 today. Time to conserve capital for another day.

Big Mike: Enormous kudos for not trying to kid yourself or anyone else and being open with your results. I'm incredibly impressed with the humility and humanity expressed by you and BruceM and New Kid and all the others for your ability to "vocalize" you losers as well as yours winners.

No matter what we do in life we will have successes and failures. I think that it's our ability to accept and own our failures that makes us successes in the future.

Also great to see that winning trade of yours at the end of the day!

Good trading everyone!