ES Friday 3-20-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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I sold 03.....still like 04 and a bit higher but looking for a bracket low test...profile really slowing down up here and it is UGLY
good have 03 and 04.25 prints...not fills of course....watching LTN and va high mentioned closely..a 30 minute close on this drive above 05.50 will end it for me today...looking for 02.50 test and ultimately a bracket low test ...but from how high up will it need to go to shut off buyers?
in general I am not a fan of merged profiles but here is the one I am watching..........and it is not very symetric..I market off the two key area from it...seems it's really just better to watch the single day profile from 3-2
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spx and ndx over 1% up ......lets see what they have up at 02..75
04.25 is now average fill...this 05 is an LTN from 3- more adds fro me..02.50 is target..
blowing through 02.75 is a no-no on my I am finding ways back to that
took loser at 05.25...starting last campaign of the day at 06.25..will add at at 08.25 and take loser at 2110...targeting 04.75...still no bracket low and still two sets of singles...runners will try for that 02.50 - 03..if we can get something to stick up here...poor high may be on their radar
Bruce when you say still no bracket low, are you saying that you expect to see a bracket Low test?
obsessed with the 02.50 - 03 retest idea.......might make me do stupid going to revise plan and take multiple small tries up here......I don't want to end the day with a 4 pt loser from initial entry..
yes....the problem is I don't know how high they want to push it before the sellers come in and take out a previous 30 minute bars low....I do like selling above the VA from 3-2 and selling above the poor high from that same day
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Bruce when you say still no bracket low, are you saying that you expect to see a bracket Low test?
my kids ( that 02.50 - 03 ) made me feel good...see I told ya I "owned " them......that was a beautiful picture...I had a video to upload but forum won't allow's a wmv file.....of my alter ego trying to play guitar...would have been a good finish for a friday.....but I also haven't forgot that it seems that there will be no multiple tpo's at last weeks highs and it seems they will hold the hour singles.........even so if you look at one minute you can see how they broke out and did come back for the retest of the hour high but the statistic ( ok, rough estimate) is based on 30 minute bars