ES Friday 3-20-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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very true..
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my opinion is no amount of money can justified missing something with your money well spent in my opinion.

everyone have good weekend!!

damn...trying to hold two lousy ones for that 03............c'mon...come to pappa....your mine...I created you " It's alive""".....probably not gonna happen and this is gonna be a lousy trend test low at 2 pm if it takes out that previous low...

I think the men in the white coats are coming for me
is there a list of what kinds of files can get uploaded to the forum ??
need to crack now or my tolerance on runners will just about be up....
here is our bracket if buyers are coming back then this is where I think they would try.....and if they don't then my 03 will come for me....nuff said...c ya..
my kids ( that 02.50 - 03 ) made me feel good...see I told ya I "owned " them......that was a beautiful picture...I had a video to upload but forum won't allow's a wmv file.....of my alter ego trying to play guitar...would have been a good finish for a friday.....but I also haven't forgot that it seems that there will be no multiple tpo's at last weeks highs and it seems they will hold the hour singles.........even so if you look at one minute you can see how they broke out and did come back for the retest of the hour high but the statistic ( ok, rough estimate) is based on 30 minute bars