ES Friday 3-20-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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single prints at Ib high so we can still try the short side....I'm using 2102 - 2104 as a critical zone for market to stay under today so don't mind selling again...if you go in at the current high be prepared to add to shorts as high may not be in yet
starting new shorts at new prepared to do battle up at 02 - 04 if needed
twice Ib traders satisfed....
98.25 is goingto be my first target if they will give it....all higher lows on 30 minute so far
2109 - 2110 will be center of a multiday bell on we are close to resistance on both Markets I think....still like that 02 - 04 but may not see it
i really would like to see 03.25, that is a naked VPOC from the past. But like you said, not sure if we get up there
02.75 will be my add point on this if they can't start pushing down yet....
LTN sits at 98 so getting out on something at 98.25 makes sense to me then see what happens....that of course is ASSuming we get the sell to work
revising plan a bit...adding at 02 and 02.75 and new first target become 2100
now with NDX at center of a multi day bell ( Hitting now) we need to see the selling otherwise we are in deep doo- doo on this one....still one time framing and they may have two sets of singles on the chart... this is also going to put ndx up 1% soon...oopps keept saying NDX...meant SPX in all references...have NDX on my mind for some reason....but spx is almost up 1% seems traders may defend near 1% , 1.5 % and 2 % general.....well see
my kids ( that 02.50 - 03 ) made me feel good...see I told ya I "owned " them......that was a beautiful picture...I had a video to upload but forum won't allow's a wmv file.....of my alter ego trying to play guitar...would have been a good finish for a friday.....but I also haven't forgot that it seems that there will be no multiple tpo's at last weeks highs and it seems they will hold the hour singles.........even so if you look at one minute you can see how they broke out and did come back for the retest of the hour high but the statistic ( ok, rough estimate) is based on 30 minute bars