ES Friday 3-20-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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Thanks for the explanation

I must say I get very disappointed some times when my numbers don't cooperate...that 02.50-03 is's's like I feel I personally OWN the number mind does crazy S%it !! where is freud when ya need him ???

singles at 05 even so we gotta get those at I added...but now we have matching highs....I think I am breaking down a bit today !!
check the time bruce maybe why things arent working?
if i was a bull and the market can't reach the 08-10 (adjusted ath) i would be dissapointed, so i i would assume they want to tag that today...and it is quadruple witching so who knows what the hell is going on really...that might explain why they did not pay attention to ur 02-03, at elast for now
yeah this one time framing up is killing things today... trend day with quad witching does strange things i suppose... we have not stopped one time framing all day so maybe we are due now?
apk beat me to it...
no question about that...I had my kids play this morning and wasn't here for the open......cost me some money on my options too....ya can't manage options if you aren't here.........that is one of the bad things about options...since in general they are slower at moving you think u have time
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check the time bruce maybe why things arent working?
I want that 05 just to clean of part of that last losing campaign...just part of it....
my opinion is no amount of money can justified missing something with your money well spent in my opinion.

everyone have good weekend!!

taking my small loser and calling it a week. bad execution today on my part. good luck to all who are still around. hope you get you 2.5 Bruce. Have a great weekend all.
my kids ( that 02.50 - 03 ) made me feel good...see I told ya I "owned " them......that was a beautiful picture...I had a video to upload but forum won't allow's a wmv file.....of my alter ego trying to play guitar...would have been a good finish for a friday.....but I also haven't forgot that it seems that there will be no multiple tpo's at last weeks highs and it seems they will hold the hour singles.........even so if you look at one minute you can see how they broke out and did come back for the retest of the hour high but the statistic ( ok, rough estimate) is based on 30 minute bars