ES Friday 3-20-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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average fill price for me is now 01.75 with the hit into 02.75
no fill for me yet...
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nq frday morning

Little analyst on Nasdaq100. If you were wondering what idiot bought the overnight high it was me. Also added to longs on each 15min lower low (2x) in rth. My reasons were markets fundamental strong (debatable I know but they are my thoughts) Exited somewhere about 65ish, for no other reason but to hear the cash register ring.

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ym friday morning

After the dow hit its 30min ema went small long, and i.b. breakout and once again bought new highs. because usually when markets open out of range (rth) and put range extensions in only one direction. especially it was a rather small i.b.

nothing much going on in bonds or fx so I guess im done for the week. have a great weekend all.
good trading Joe. Thanks for sharing
coming out heavy at 2100 print...that is single fill........
keeping two on for the 98.25......but also realize that 02 - 04 is still the resistance zone for may have to play against new highs again....but then would probably wait to see if they can get above 04...
runners flat...still one time framing...Hoping for a push to new highs to start setting up short side again
ideal would see new singles on the push out into 2104 area.....then we could expect trade back down into the 2102.25 so POC can flip up with the bracket that starts at 12:30 or later
what do u have at 04 bruce ?
the profile starts to thin out from 3-2 above there and I have a merged profile ( that is experimental to me) with a VA high of 04.25
my kids ( that 02.50 - 03 ) made me feel good...see I told ya I "owned " them......that was a beautiful picture...I had a video to upload but forum won't allow's a wmv file.....of my alter ego trying to play guitar...would have been a good finish for a friday.....but I also haven't forgot that it seems that there will be no multiple tpo's at last weeks highs and it seems they will hold the hour singles.........even so if you look at one minute you can see how they broke out and did come back for the retest of the hour high but the statistic ( ok, rough estimate) is based on 30 minute bars