ES Thursday 8-31-17

I'm going to refine once we see overnight trade but for now lets start with the weekly....Two weeks ago we had a weekly POC at 2563.75 so that goes well with our 1/2 sd band and the R1

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Next lets go to the daily Mp chart...Note the selling tail from 8-17 trade that broke down the lows from 8-15 and look where Wednesdays high is....also note that I have the high of that day marked and also the breakdown point from the 16th of lines are snapped at 62.50 and the 64...right in between is our 63.75 !!!
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and last but not least is my favorite chart that breaks apart Wednesdays session with most of the high and low time areas marked
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above the 62 - 64 will be the POC from 8-16 at 2567.75 and a low time spot just above at 2568.25
You were the "hunter" today Bruce, very nice. Scale outs are a good thing...
thanks gang...for a moment or two I thought they were gonna get me two days in a row....that would suck normally but going into a long weekend and a day off ( tomorrow) would have made that really sting !