ES Thursday 8-31-17

I'm going to refine once we see overnight trade but for now lets start with the weekly....Two weeks ago we had a weekly POC at 2563.75 so that goes well with our 1/2 sd band and the R1

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Next lets go to the daily Mp chart...Note the selling tail from 8-17 trade that broke down the lows from 8-15 and look where Wednesdays high is....also note that I have the high of that day marked and also the breakdown point from the 16th of lines are snapped at 62.50 and the 64...right in between is our 63.75 !!!
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and last but not least is my favorite chart that breaks apart Wednesdays session with most of the high and low time areas marked
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above the 62 - 64 will be the POC from 8-16 at 2567.75 and a low time spot just above at 2568.25
thanks..i think I may need it on this second time
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Great analysis this morning Bruce...Good Luck trading
70 is r2 today...I really want them to fail above 68.50
last add point on this is 2470 if it needs to happen.....and then will target 67.25 ...I have confluence at 70 - 71 but I also thought the 67 - 68.25 would do more and it hasn' being cautious
added at target is 67 even....I may be a bit early and may have jumped my add point due to impatience but that 67 is my magnet now
my magnet of 67 and why.....I must admit I'm staying rather "cool" on this campaign and considering my calls are under water
No video below? Try this link: my_magnet.swf

at the close of this period we will have single prints at the 2467
obviously came out heavy one tic in front of magnet...a cool but risky trade.....that was from the 16th of august not the 15th......if runners are lucky then they will try for 65.50 but not hopeful and I always scale heavy up front...especially on a day when we seem to be jumping in front of a train
the mind - a crazy place.....funniest and most interesting thing is that I was more stressed exiting trades today then when market was going against me a bit
No video below? Try this link: recap.swf

and for the record...I thought there were way too many numbers in the way today........don't like days like that where so many things might stop the certainly was not crystal clear
so it seems the rest of todays battle will be fought between 2468.50 and battle for me anymore...except to watch todays close to decide on those calls
Great trading Bruce.
And while Bruce is doing what he does best, us wait-and-see-ers are just waiting and you know, seeing...
thanks gang...for a moment or two I thought they were gonna get me two days in a row....that would suck normally but going into a long weekend and a day off ( tomorrow) would have made that really sting !