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O|R of CL

other quick day. Big mike thanks for pointing this market out. How are you doing? Have you add other contract?
Yup, if not every day I have some in the freezer from earlier LOL

I'm working a scalp trade setup based on daily price action. That way I can trade early and then if setup presents, set up for an evening trade.

Good job Duck
Duck, were you patient on Fri to wait for the long breakout?
64.86 to 64.92..was those your numbers too for friday? gave bit of a fight but landed the fish..65.69-65.64

when do you add a contract?
Yes, but today I took a pass, OR too big to make sense to me risk/reward. I add at every 2,800 gained.
Originally posted by duck

64.86 to 64.92..was those your numbers too for friday? gave bit of a fight but landed the fish..65.69-65.64

when do you add a contract?
66.22 to 66.16.. for sure you where on this mike? big of o\r do you pass the trade/


15 tick OR is my limit.
1 st fish got away today loss 8 ticks.2nd fish was landed but gave one good for 16 i got 8 tick fish.This what happen to you mike today?
also been looking at 1min o\r of every 30min bar..using the same rules. seems to be working..mike have you look at this? or anyone else?
Is anyone else trading this set up? i mean the opening O\R ?

take care
We opened within the EURO O/R so no trade for me.

I like your 1st minute of each 30 minute bar.

I think there is validity to the concept.

I would look to only take trades in the direction of a larger (30m for me) timeframe trend.

Yesterday morning and this morning would have been 6W-2L for $380 per contract.

Keep digging, I think this type of scalp has significant potential and simplicity. Identify larger trend and look to go that way every 30 minutes. Caveman stuff, maybe.
Additionally if one likes simple, fast and small scalps. 5M ES after 9AM CT. when candle closes outside prior 5M candle setup one tick beyond for extension. Many, many opportunities to bank $ either via size or multiple trades.

Good luck to all.
filter work perfect. mike can you give a little more details on 5 min es scalps..for this caveman real example would be perfect..if not what are stops use ? what order you enter trade with? and exit with? any other details you got

Great Info, Question: On the FTSE100 - what is the index indicator for market direction for the day?, do you know the code?
In Australia for the ASX200 the SPI200 SFE SPI 200 Index Sep '20 (APU20) futures contract is used as a general indicator for market direction for the day - particularly at the open. Is there a similar indicator for the UK market? thanks in advancew.
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