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O|R of CL

other quick day. Big mike thanks for pointing this market out. How are you doing? Have you add other contract?
i only trade cl. cause it works smooth and i only spend max 1 hour a day trading.
Today's trade : winner

Shorts favored as us open above euro open

filled at 66.96 target 66.91 filled on the 9:35 candle

so far, based on 1 contract
3w - 1L
+5 ticks net : $50 profit : $30 (after commission)

duck /Big mike thanks for the reply

is there any other variation or setups you guys trade for CL?

Duck/Bigmike , Just another idea im watching for a week now is ES O/R break at 10 AM ESTin either direction produces minimum a point(4ticks) sometimes a runner can get 2 - 4. points Just chk it out
Today No trades

Us O/R below Euro O/R so long is favored
But CL dumped from the opening never went above the us o/R Range

so far for, based on 1 contrat
3W - 1L - 1Notrade
+5 ticks Net + $50 Profit +$30 ( after commisions)

did an es trade at 10 am EST break of O/R on the short side for a point
76.50 short filled at 10;07 10.11 the target is filled but the R;R is terrible but gonna try and see how it works
Today I didn't take any trade as i was busy with work

But looking at the chart, today would be a nice winner

so far for, based on 1 contract
3W - 1L - 2 Notrade
+5 ticks Net + $50 Profit +$30 ( after commisions)
Tough to get long oil today but you have to trust the process.
is it long today? Big mike. i thought it is short? oh u meant yesterday yeah but ti took some time for me to fill but eventually it is a winner
but today is a loser trade on the short side
got busy with work again. will try to post trades diligently when i get time
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