O|R of CL

other quick day. Big mike thanks for pointing this market out. How are you doing? Have you add other contract?
i only trade cl. cause it works smooth and i only spend max 1 hour a day trading.
Today's trade : winner

Shorts favored as us open above euro open

filled at 66.96 target 66.91 filled on the 9:35 candle

so far, based on 1 contract
3w - 1L
+5 ticks net : $50 profit : $30 (after commission)

duck /Big mike thanks for the reply

is there any other variation or setups you guys trade for CL?

Duck/Bigmike , Just another idea im watching for a week now is ES O/R break at 10 AM ESTin either direction produces minimum a point(4ticks) sometimes a runner can get 2 - 4. points Just chk it out
Today No trades

Us O/R below Euro O/R so long is favored
But CL dumped from the opening never went above the us o/R Range

so far for, based on 1 contrat
3W - 1L - 1Notrade
+5 ticks Net + $50 Profit +$30 ( after commisions)

did an es trade at 10 am EST break of O/R on the short side for a point
76.50 short filled at 10;07 10.11 the target is filled but the R;R is terrible but gonna try and see how it works
Today I didn't take any trade as i was busy with work

But looking at the chart, today would be a nice winner

so far for, based on 1 contract
3W - 1L - 2 Notrade
+5 ticks Net + $50 Profit +$30 ( after commisions)
Tough to get long oil today but you have to trust the process.
is it long today? Big mike. i thought it is short? oh u meant yesterday yeah but ti took some time for me to fill but eventually it is a winner
but today is a loser trade on the short side
got busy with work again. will try to post trades diligently when i get time
anybody still doing this trade set up?
take care
Great Info, Question: On the FTSE100 - what is the index indicator for market direction for the day?, do you know the code?
In Australia for the ASX200 the SPI200 SFE SPI 200 Index Sep '20 (APU20) futures contract is used as a general indicator for market direction for the day - particularly at the open. Is there a similar indicator for the UK market? thanks in advancew.