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Trade with great care like on thin ice

Hello everyone,I want to put every detail MT4 picture of WTI,GOLD,SPX500 etc which my trade here to sum up my mistakes,record step growth cautiously,and I hope to discuss it with you know it conforms to the rules of the forum?Thank you for your reply.
Go ahead Trenchtrader.
Originally posted by day trading

Go ahead Trenchtrader.

oh,Thank you for telling me, so here I go
spx500:break even,+0.8pips
it's too early to close,have a pity

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1 1
wti:stop loss,-44pips
stop loss setting is too small, otherwise it will take profit 130 pips

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1 2
xauusd:stop loss,-40.6pips
it's very unlucky to be stopped loss like last time,and there is a problem: forget to set the take profit

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1 3
spx500:break even protection,+1.8pips
there are 100 profit points, which are not protected in time after open it

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1 5
spx500:stop loss,-24.6pips
look, once again, I'm short of luck, sorry

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1 6
sorry,missed one
wti:stop loss,-29pips
once again, it's a pity,the market is always joking,and i can forgive it

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1 4
spx500:profit protection,+40.4pips
I didn't expect that it didn't fall this time but next time.Fortunately, I protected 40.4pisps

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1 7
spx500:stop loss,-38.4pips
This time, I think it's ok because it's expected to continue to fall

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1 8
wti: take profit, +52pips
This order is a combination of strategies with the last order,“s and r”

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1 92
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