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Trade with great care like on thin ice

Hello everyone,I want to put every detail MT4 picture of WTI,GOLD,SPX500 etc which my trade here to sum up my mistakes´╝îrecord step growth cautiously´╝îand I hope to discuss it with you know it conforms to the rules of the forum?Thank you for your reply.
wti: profit protection,+49pips
It's too early to predict whether it will rise again, but I won't stay for the weekend, which is too risky

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1 38
xauusd: stop loss,-20.1pips
It's a pity this time. i expect the rhythm of the chart, but the stop loss setting is too small

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1 39
spx500: stop loss,-51.5pips
I predicted the previous downtrend, but I was wrong

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1 41
spx500: break even,-0.5pip
Track continues to short on the up channel, expecting the trend to continue

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1 42
spx500: stop loss,-26.6pips
After breaking the downtrend line, look to continue down.

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1 43
wti: stop loss,-26pips
I expect to continue to previous highs in small channel.

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1 44
wti: take profit, +168pips
Fortunately, expectations rebounded from earlier lows, in line with expectations.

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1 45
spx500: stop loss,-42.1pips
Enter as it breaks down,but it doesn't really break through

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1 46
spx500: profit protection,+99.5pips
Short at the resistance above, the target looks too far away, so protect li first

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1 47
xauusd: stop loss,-29.8pips
Expecting to continue its downward trend, execute a stop loss because of a misjudgment

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1 48
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