Trade with great care like on thin ice

Hello everyone,I want to put every detail MT4 picture of WTI,GOLD,SPX500 etc which my trade here to sum up my mistakes,record step growth cautiously,and I hope to discuss it with you know it conforms to the rules of the forum?Thank you for your reply.
wti: stop loss, -20pips
A swinging order, but still not as expected

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1 90
wti: stop loss, -19pips
Fast track to prevent a reversal, but still make a false breakthrough

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1 91
wti: take profit, +52pips
This order is a combination of strategies with the last order,“s and r”

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1 92
These changes are amazing
I've been watching your statistics change for a long time. Honestly, the changes are annoying. At first, you experienced a decline, but later the situation improved. Based on the statistics, I have to say that you have become better at this business. Personally, I use the forex trading platform because it is the most liquid and, most importantly, global. To date, making a profit from price movements is my primary income. To be honest, this is a precarious business, so I constantly monitor changes in the course. By the way, I would like to know about the latest statistics, if possible.
Did this statistic help you earn a lot, too?