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ES 12-29-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 867.75
Weekly PP: 871
POC: 867.50

60m: 877.50, 905 / 849.75

globex gaps: 862.75, 861.75, 861.50
strong crude rebound
Margie ,check your mail when u get a chance!
oil on the rebound
1 off 57.50
short waiting at 58.25

<----holiday paper trading
outside projection to 64 ish around 3:00 est if demand creates it
flat @ 59
papershort at 58.25, stop at 60.50, target 55.50 again
Originally posted by koolblue

Margie ,check your mail when u get a chance!

Give me a fish today and I'll have dinner tonight. TEACH me to fish and then myself and my family can eat for a lifetime. Kool, you have given so much here. I hate those trying to make money from those just trying to learn. They will give just enough rope for the rest to hang themselves.
just noticed it is up 6.66%! evil number