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ES 12-29-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 867.75
Weekly PP: 871
POC: 867.50

60m: 877.50, 905 / 849.75

globex gaps: 862.75, 861.75, 861.50
Originally posted by popstocks

paperlong 57.25, theory is that we've been dwelling at poc for too long for any major breakdown to come in right now, more likely we go up to fill some singles in the low 60's first

stop at 55.50

nice, will cover at 3:00 et on the dot

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Kool, Vow,
Thank you !
out at 59.75
great chart ,VO!... STILL WATCHING
Vo, thanks for the charts, they always let me know if I'm wrong or the confidence to realize I am looking at the right thing.
s @ 60.75 ill advised!
singles 62.25-66 and 67.5-71
if this gets above 63 on some volume, watch out!
LONG ONE AT 859.75 2.5 STOP
just noticed it is up 6.66%! evil number