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ES 12-29-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 867.75
Weekly PP: 871
POC: 867.50

60m: 877.50, 905 / 849.75

globex gaps: 862.75, 861.75, 861.50
all globex gaps filled
looks like some support here- i hope i am long 860.75
this area providing some support
youd think it would be good for a bounce back to the pivot
Nice example of a break out trade.

Place a stop limit order at 862.25 and 860.25 for whichever way it moves.

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5 min ledge pretty intense ....50% retrace back to 65.75 for sell unless bottom broke and it just did wooah
Support 2 broken.
lord at first I thought you were talking the pivots, but it appears your not...could you please clarify your "supports" thanks
Yes. The Support 2 of the Pivots. I am going long after some bullish signals.
maybe 852 level coming
just noticed it is up 6.66%! evil number