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ES 12-29-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 867.75
Weekly PP: 871
POC: 867.50

60m: 877.50, 905 / 849.75

globex gaps: 862.75, 861.75, 861.50
next 'decent' cycle top should be at 3:00 or maybe 2 min before
Kool, VOv,
why do you guys trade only 2 contracts per trade as i noticed?
doesnt mean it wont be at lower prices tho... who knows!
5 min avg is at 859.00 itll have some trouble getting much above there(at least at first)
sort of a diamond pattern the last hour here, time to break out
but which way? :)
I dont always trade 2 contracts...sometimes 1 sometimes 6
well, for what is worth , the deadly has been reached(although 859.75 is a possibility) and hourly proj lower has not! and the russell which has led the market both up and down the last week or 2 is decicedly more neg than the dow or s&p !
paperlong 57.25, theory is that we've been dwelling at poc for too long for any major breakdown to come in right now, more likely we go up to fill some singles in the low 60's first

stop at 55.50
flat @ 57.25...i give up on this trade
i usually trade 1 or 2 .. im just small peanuts!
just noticed it is up 6.66%! evil number