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Carolyn Boroden, The Trading Zoo, Larry Levin

Does anyone have any expereince with or know anything about the following trading gurus?

Carolyn Boroden
The Trading Zoo <- Dedicated topic.
Larry Levin (Secrets of Traders)

Wanting a great place to learn and don't want to get taken.

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Are you guys talking about


I see you, too, have visited many rooms. Have you been to TradingZoo? If so, what can you share with the forum?
Originally posted by ahk

I am familiar with Trading Zoo. How can I help you?

I'd be interested in hearing your opinions and NS opinions on the Zoo...from your above quote it sounds like you may have taken their trial or know someone who has...are they any good? Thanks

i have a comment re: carolyn boroden--i've spent time in her room and think that she is legit. she uses fib levels, retracements, extensions, etc. and looks for confirming levels utilizing multiple timeframes. uses cci or an oscillator of your choice to aid entry. there is a lot of free info on her site. occasionally marc braun moderates, and i like him as well, in fact, i find that he offers more instruction and give and take throughout the day. also check out his website--many of his videos are free and you can learn a great deal from them. carolyn even pro-rated my time in her room because i trade p/t time. take her free trial, if you like her room, try it for a month. but it has to fit your trading style and personality. i'm not trading futures at this time for personal reasons and i have no interest, financial or otherwise, with the carolyn (aka cb) or marc. i just think that they deserve a thumbs up....
Thanks for the feedback Tomasito...I don't think our Spaamer is her...she is very good at what she does and I enjoy here work. You mentioned a Marc Braun......I was wondering if he is related to a Mike Braun who used to help Victoria Peterson in running her room. She used to work with Raschke then partnered with Theresa Lo...their manual is excellent..I appreciate your post and don't think she would employ spaamers to attract new clients...

Disregard my comments about Mike mistake,,,he is not affiliated with Boroden site...but the rest of my comments apply.....I think you can learn a lot about fibs if you are new to them with her service

sorry it's Mark Braun; there's a link to his page on cb's site. they are very similar in their analysis, and both use FibonacciTrader, which I'm not really fond of (Although it was designed by Robert Krausz--and uses multiple time frames). Mark and CB also use Robert Minor's DynamicTrader, for "timing," which i personally have never payed much attention to. Mark has gotten into forex as well.
carolyn boroden sounds real familiar. i think my stepfather dated her. ill ask him.

Since I started this link - Which I didn't think it would go this far - so I feel obligated to finish it. The reason I even remembered I had a link was because I got an e-mail from someone the other day who asked me what I found.

So I will post my reply to what I have found in the last few months.

First, AHK is trading with the Trading Zoo. He may deny it but that is what it is. The gentleman who runs it is Sam Braun (AKA Master Predator). They use a very objective method to trading by way of contra trading. A disgruntled trader sent me the system and I evaluated it. It can be done but with a large set of balls. What I found was during hard trending days you got rolled pretty hard. This system will not work on any market except the ES (mini). And "no" I will not send anyone a copy of it. I respect the wishes of the dicruntled trader.

Second, Larry Levin - will disclose all of statements and is very open and honest about losing money but they tend to be blind to the fact of trends and momentum. I read where he uses Market Profile and engulfments, which is true. However, his draw downs are very large at times and can wipe out a newbie trader. That being said - if you want honesty he is your guy, but I do not use his system

Third, Carolyn Boroden - she seems to be legit and the analysis is solid. Not sure what her win/loss ratio is but she wins more than she loses and she proved herslef on the floor as a trader. The only thing that I had problems with was she doesn't teach how to fugure the fib clusters clearly. She tells you in her seminars, CD's and in her live room how to read them but set up seems to be a mystery still.

So which one do I trade with? None of the above. Let me say this - You will have to pay some money to learn how to trade. If you don't want to do that - then you either need to get a job as a clerk or a junior trader for a firm (which is next to impossuble unless you are young and just out of college) or you have alot of money and time to find your own way. My sugestion is to start with the basics and find someone who can teach those basics. I beleive some people want their hand held during the process, which may cost you more money. But if you can think for yourself and understand that trading is something you can do for a lifetime and not try to break the bank in one year start slow with basics.

OK - so I did a ton of research (because I got burnt before my first post) and found that if you pay for eduation you need to get that. Not some super secret pivot point that you can sit and watch the guru trade so he can make is $250 every month. You need to understand why that trade is being taken and is it a high probability trade and how do I calcualte my risk on the trade. Then you need to learn how to conduct analysis on your markets. From there you can start to develop your own system or method to trade profitably. And I found just a couple of places to do this:

DTI - Tom and his staff are very good at what they do. They are a bit expensive, but you will get a great education

Jack Broz - Jack and Saul are professional traders at the CBOT and are very good at their trade. Jack doesn't swing big size but Saul is a large trader in the Bond pit. The down side is their cost and you are limited to the Mini Dow, Bond, and 5 and 10 T's. The upside is Jack will take you calls at all times of the day and night and Jack is very good at analyzing the markets.

Trade the Markets - This was my choice. Hubert and John have solid trading experience and on a dialy basis you will receive a video from John and Hubert looking at the next day's set up as well as education in real time. You can get just a newsletter or you can subscribe to their live trading room or you can be mentored one on one in Austin, Texas where they reside. They have a forum for members only where you can ask questions and John and Hubert will answer these questions for everyone to see.

No - I am not promoting anyone of these. I think you need to do your due diligence and see what fits your syle. I like John and Hubert's style and analysis. It fits my trading style, however, DTI is a close second and I will more than likely travel to Mobile to receive more education.

I hope this helps and I wish everyone the best of luck in their trading. I also hope you find the education you seek. Don't get in a hurry to lose money. Do your homework and pick the right system or education for you.

If you have any questions or just want to comment feel free to contact me direct at [email protected] - I don't tend to spend time posting to rooms so it is better to contact me direct. Thanks

Originally posted by BruceM

well that will be cool AHK! I suggest that everyone should wait at least 6 months before taking the trial so they can see all those statements....and of course make sure any and all statements you receive from any vendor are reviewed by a neutral 3rd party and don't just take the brokers this case I ASSume it would be Mirus futures as they are the ones that the room suggests to trial don't rely on them only will need at least one impartial review to make it legit if you are thinking of using this vendor or any other...ok nuff said on this...thanks for getting to those questions


No problem Bruce. I would hope that anybody who receives statements directly from a broker would accept those as actual copies. I can't imagine a reputable broker engaging in a willful fraud when there is nothing to gain and everything to lose. At any rate, I'm not sure yet if the confidentiality agreement will allow for the sharing of the information with third parties who don't have a need to know.