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Falcon Day Traders

I believe this is the place in the forum it is ok to post about advisory services. Forgive me if this isn't, I don't want to seem like I am spamming but I do want to tell you about my service as it is relatively new.


We offer a free trial for 5 Days. When you take it you get live commentary and calls from 7 AM Central Time to 4:00 PM Central Time.

I'll let the website describe about what we do. I've also tried starting a blog where you can ask questions about trading and read more about what we do. The blog is called 'Futures Trading Online' and you can find that at:


It'd be nice if you posted questions and comments to the blog so I can build the blog up but the real way to see us is to take the free trial. Yes Falcon Day Traders is a service. I hope this post is ok.

Big Blue
AHK, why are you signing up for free trials? I think in a prior post you said you where like a vendor sleuth ( I call myself Columbo...anyone remember that Peter Falk show ??) so perhaps this is why, but won't it affect your ability to concentrate with your current mentor? Perhaps you are like , make your money and then go see what everyone else is doing....I will verify if the person mentioned in the Spaam you received even exists. I have an online friend who paid 4 grand to Blue Falcon for mentoring after being in his free room. We exchange ideas but this is one course he will not give out any information on. I am not plugging Blue Falcon in any way and I was surprised that this individual actually paid him 4 grand but he is thrilled with Falcon.....said it gave him the discipline he needed even though he knew most of the things he was being I guess this is another reason people join rooms.....he also never had any statements but "watched" falcon trade for months in Paltalk......over 6 months I beleive...This guy has been day trading for at least 6 for him his 4 grand bought him discipline which is great if you don't have it.......just thought I'd share that....I have yet to find anyone else who has signed up with Falcon though .....

I think I got this because I haven't attended the trial yet. Maybe this time I will.

I have no issue with concentration and to have another room on a laptop isn't a distraction for me. At some point, as I said in a prior post, I will take the trial for two reasons. One, to check out the modus operandi of the mentor; and two, to post whatever I learn for the members to digest.

It would take an almost superman performance and great room vibes for me to consider joining this thing, when I have made a commitment to another place in which I'm really satisfied. But moma didn't raise no fool--I'll always keep my eyes and ears open.

Sounds like your friend is using Blue as a psychologist as well as a teacher with more value on the former than latter. Is that your takeaway?
Originally posted by ahk

Sounds like your friend is using Blue as a psychologist as well as a teacher with more value on the former than latter. Is that your takeaway?

Yes I beleive in his case he is using it as a reminder and for a bit of hand holding....which has helped him tremendously. I aksed him about the person mentioned in the email solicitaion you received and he told me this " A German guy does larger number of lots. Mostly plays around XXXXXXXX. Makes good money". I have X'd out a certain portion to respect the one minor aspect of Blue's trading that he has told me about...So we can take that for what it is worth. Of course they can all be in on it. I have taken Blue's trial and was very impressed. They are very patient and trade the entire day which isn't for me but they did well in the one week I was in there. I agree with your thoughts that if there is something better, then I am no fool either and want to know more about it. The only real issue I have with Blue as mentioned in my prior post is that they told me I could contact their broker and they would provide statements but when I called their bluff they disappeared.....obviously a big problem...for me.Please keep us posted if you take the trail.
DayTrader...Sorry if you get this twice, I "hit the wrong button" but I remember when "Blue Falcon" was "Blue Collar Trading" as I recall Blue was a very serious sober-sided chap whose son's answered all the on-line inquires and ran the room when he was absent...when he decided to make it a private room (but still free for a while) he had everyone sign a very in-depth committment document, something like joining the "Dead Poet's Society" the time I had just found JP's room and felt much more comfortable there...he's come a long way from "Blue Collar"
Thanks bladerunner, I have never heard of that before. What was the jist of the committment document? Was the objective to protect the trading room's secrets? Or to work together?
not a lot of dirt on this one so i think ill give it a shot. might be a good sign. cant hurt right? i like the name also.

Let us know how you find them. I assume that you'll be taking the free trial if there is one?
you got it right day. a trial starts next month.

I wonder what happened to Big Blue? He does not appear to be answering questions here anymore. Also, his last blog post was on the 20 September. He seems to have gone AWOL for 3 months now.
I have just posted this comment on his last blog posting:
I found your blog from your posting on the day trading forum: I was trying to find out what your answers are to those questions?
This is all old news to us folks here...we broke the scoop about a year ago so you folks from Elite are a bit behind schedule. We encourage people to ask the tough questions and get statements and don't fall for some flimsy one week trial etc....

now what I would really like to see is one of you Big Blue falcon bashers have the nerve to post a word document that summarizes the teachings..this way we could just point people here to pick up their free copy and save themselves could rename it of course....any takers??? Would make a great New year gift!!...I need more egg nog!!
Originally posted by Lafcadio

This is irony for you...I have been writing on informing all who want to learn the truth about Falcon Day traders what a scam it is. And on this page is a advertisement heralding 90% wins...what is the site?...non other than the infamous falcon fleece operation.

I was a member... I observed Mr. blue..."Mr Falcon", in all his glory ..rarely did I EVER WITNESS him making a winning call!!! If you have read thus far you know it is something he always promised to live trades...He uses any excuse to escape doing that for a very real reason...His total ineptness and lack of any ability to trade profitably would be all too obvious.

For all those who come hear to find the truth about Falcon day it is...Falcon and Mr. blue are scam artist ...con artist...BS artist...say what you will. He cannot trade and hasn't a clue as to how to make a profit in the market. You would be better off reading Popular Mechanics than paying a nickel to this scoundrel. Be forewarned!!!

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