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I believe this is the place in the forum it is ok to post about advisory services. Forgive me if this isn't, I don't want to seem like I am spamming but I do want to tell you about my service as it is relatively new.


We offer a free trial for 5 Days. When you take it you get live commentary and calls from 7 AM Central Time to 4:00 PM Central Time.

I'll let the website describe about what we do. I've also tried starting a blog where you can ask questions about trading and read more about what we do. The blog is called 'Futures Trading Online' and you can find that at:


It'd be nice if you posted questions and comments to the blog so I can build the blog up but the real way to see us is to take the free trial. Yes Falcon Day Traders is a service. I hope this post is ok.

Big Blue
Thanks pt_emini for doing all of that work summarizing the statements and also many thanks to max for sitting in the 2 trading rooms and collecting all of the data. You are doing the trading community a great service.
Originally posted by day trading

Thanks pt_emini for doing all of that work summarizing the statements and also many thanks to max for sitting in the 2 trading rooms and collecting all of the data. You are doing the trading community a great service.

your welcome. glad to be of service.

Thanks to all three of you;

Max for your excellent summaries of the trials, pt_emini for your concise P&L reports and Day Trading for executing a platform providing this information.
TO any potential purchaser of a service or trading method



Has anyone taken the Blue Falcon course or had any experience with it or any trustworthy references on it since the last post? Thanks.
In browsing a few of the services mentioned here, I couldn't help but think this one is trying to pull the wool over my eyes. Anytime a vendor claims a certain win or success percentage of trades, it is imperative to back that up with some documentation. Otherwise, I am forced to discount those remarks in their entirety. For example,

"High Percentage of Winners: Through extensive statistical analysis of thousands of signals, I have identified the key attributes that are highly correlated to the signals’ profitability. These attributes have been combined into a small set of filters that have been designed to generate an average winning percentage greater than 85%. As of the date of this writing, the Falcon Trader system has produced an average of 91% winners over a period of 6 months, with the worst performing month producing a respectable 86% winners."

There is not one shred of data on the Website to back this claim up.

Save yourself the bucks! I mean that!
! am writing this in an attempt to spare people the cost and pain that I incurred when I fell for the sales pitch by the head honcho at falcondayraders. Richard Incorvia. "Blue" as he is known is the man behind falcondaytraders.
I was unfortunately taken in by this process some months ago and have taken his "course" more than once. He is an indefatigable talker who can go on for hours without end and after listening intently you will have no idea what he is talking about.

He never makes calls....though he will claim to the new subscribers that he does. What he has mastered is the art of "retotrading". After the days action he will come in and tell you about all the trades that were "edge trades" that would of made you money. In real time he rarely commits to a position.

He says that he will show you how to trade according to his "Edge" trading system which he claims has a success rate of greater than 88%. Never in the 3 months that i have been monitoring him has he ever specified what are the parameters for these trades.

The stats that he provides in his 16 component parts...which takes about 3 weeks to get through...are completely bogus. In fact I have rarely heard him ever tell the truth.

What makes him particularly dangerous for those seeking help in their trading that he wraps his sell job in pop self help jargon. Telling would be clients that he cares so much about them and with his help and the "proper mindset" they can make millions.

It hurts me to see this confidence man get rich by bilking people who are just trying to educate themselves. For your own good....stay far away from Falcondaytraders.
Please read Oddman's post its very important to stay as far away from BLUE FALCON TRADERS


For those who don't know me, I was the administrator in Blue's room from it opened on January 11, 2006 - until I stepped down as administrator and left the room on January 17, 2007.
Blue used to accredit myself and Swamper as being instrumental and "responsible" for him opening the room.

Even though I was made aware of this thread shortly after it started, I did not plan to contribute. Up until now I have been very restrictive talking about my experiences with Blue. After all, each one of us is responsible for our own actions and choices in life. I would not volunteer any information regarding why I left Blue's room, and would only answer privately if a member asked me direct questions.

However, after hearing rumors that Blue recently had been trashing me in the FDT room - as well as to members privately, and after I now have been able to verify these rumors to be true (from several room members independently), circumstances have changed.
After having confronted Blue with this information, and the ensuing email exchange with Blue during these last two days, made me change my mind - and I reluctantly decided to clarify what happened regarding my departure from the FDT rooms:

When I read the postings on this site, I feel very sad and get a bad feeling in my stomach. I was Blue's staunchest supporter and defender for more than a year. During that time, I worked day and night trying to help Blue in the room, as well as outside the room. I spent countless hours working with Blue, and among many other things, I wrote the Education Manual for his teachings.

From some time in October -06 (after the teaching process for the first two classes were over), I started talking to Blue about "what was needed" for the members. So far, he had taught his METHODOLOGY (which is 50% of the teaching process), but he had not shown us HOW TO TRADE his Methodology (which is the other and more important 50% of the teaching process).
Blue promised to do this.

However, as time went by and Blue did not deliver on these promises, the membership grew more and more impatient, and complained to me. Complaining to Blue did not work, as he has his ways of shutting people down, intimidating them, making people feel stupid and inadequate, and talk over them.

I continued every week to beg, ask and encourage Blue to do "WHAT WAS NEEDED" for the members. He again promised to do so, but only after the 3rd group of people had received their basic education (3rd group started their education in October -06). He again promised (as he had done for the prior groups), that as soon as he finished their class, he would trade with them and make sure they recouped the cost for their education, during November and December -06.

Unfortunately, in spite of Blue's repeated promises, in spite of members growing more and more frustrated, taking losses and struggling with figuring out how to trade Blue's Methodology, and dropping out - one by one, and in spite of my repeated reminders to Blue about his promises and "what was needed" for the members...... Blue always had an excuse for why he would not do it.

I particularly remember one day in mid December -06, shortly before Blue left on his Christmas vacation, when I again pleaded with Blue to make good on his promises to the members.
My jaw dropped to the floor......
All of a sudden, the PROBLEM - as Blue saw it, was NOT that people did not understand how to trade his Methodology. Instead, the problem was that he had made PROMISES he had NO INTENTION OF FULFILLING!!!

When Blue was back from his vacation in early January -07, the discussions between Blue and myself became more and more aggravated. I insisted he had to follow through on his promises to teach us HOW TO TRADE his Methodology. Blue was "tap dancing" around this subject, but I kept insisting on him DOING WHAT WAS NEEDED (and what he had promised so many times) for the members.

The Free Trial week came along (January 08-12, 2007), during which Blue made 2 trade calls (not 23 calls as Blue claims he did, and as tgere79 incorrectly repeated on page 42 on this thread), one trade was break/even and the other was a 1-tick winner, resulting in +2 ticks for the week (trading 2 contracts for each trade). I know this, as I was the administrator of the room, and I was the one responsible for posting Blue's trade calls to the room. And yes, I have the logs from the week and the recordings as well, so no need to dispute this with me.

After the Free Trial, it became very clear to me that Blue's intention was NOT to help older members become successful traders, but instead his ambition was to FILL UP THE ROOM! His focus was on getting in NEW PEOPLE, instead of teaching the OLD MEMBERS how to trade!

I told Blue straight up, there can be only one reason - and ONE REASON ONLY why he will not teach the members HOW TO TRADE his Methodology, namely: BLUE CANNOT TRADE!

The final straw came a couple of days later on January 17, 2007, when Blue told me in no uncertain terms - after I again pleaded with him to TEACH US HOW TO TRADE HIS METHODOLOGY, when he said to me: "THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!"
This sealed it for me, I could no longer support Blue's behavior, and decided to resign as administrator for Blue's room, which I did that very same day.

It is hard for me to admit that I got duped by Blue. Even though I knew when I left, that Blue is not a good trader, I have to admit I did not fully grasp his intentions or the depth of it, until having read the postings on this site. During the year I worked with Blue, I got to know him very well. He came across as the friendliest person you can ever meet. Up until now, I have had a friendly attitude towards Blue.
But recent events and the development on this site - has changed that.
Chills goes down my spine when I read Lucid's posting on page 41.....

And I can testify, that what Blue now writes on his REVISED web site (earlier referred to by Losi (page 49) and later commented on by others), is a TOTAL CONTRADICTION TO EVERYTHING HE EVER TOLD ME!!!

If Blue had told me he had developed a system - and that he PLANNED TO TRADE for himself sometime in the future (this is what Blue now writes on his web site), I would never have encouraged him to open a room, let alone participated in him doing so!!!

ON THE CONTRARY, what Blue told me, was that he had developed his system over 7 years, and been trading it VERY SUCCESSFULLY the last 4 years!
He also told me it had taken his son Kevin 3 months to learn the system, and that Kevin now was trading successfully on his own.
He further told me and the room repeatedly, that the only reason he decided to share his system with us, was because he felt bad for all the aspiring traders who got taken advantage of by vendors who sold worthless trading systems. Time and again he told us he did NOT NEED OUR MONEY, because he made his money trading. However, he wanted committed people in his class, therefore he had to charge an up front fee - making people invest in themselves and commit to themselves.

Many thoughts have crossed my mind since reading this thread. One of them was what Blue once told me, after he decided to have Free Trials as a mean to recruit new members to the room.
During one of those discussions, Blue said to me, "I AM THE BEST SALES PERSON YOU WILL EVER MEET!"
And boy - were you right, Blue!!!

I don't mind Blue or anybody else doing business selling stuff - that being products, services or dreams, as long as you are FRANK and TRUTHFUL about it.
But to use LIES and MANIPULATIONS to compensate for inadequacies and inabilities - in order to lure people to buy a product that does not exist, that is DESPICABLE in my book!!!

Blue used to tell us, "Trade what you see - and not what you believe!".
Good advice, indeed!

My advice would be:
The TRUTH is played up in the rooms FOR EVERYONE TO SEE - EVERY DAY!
But in order to SEE THE TRUTH, you will have to REMOVE the "GLASSES OF HOPE"!
FALSE HOPE will blind you and keep you from seeing the TRUTH!

To all members who in any way were influenced by me in their decision to join FDT, please accept my sincere apology. I am very sorry and truly regretful!
Big Blue thanks for coming forward.
Was in one of his trials & he took credit for trades he never actually said go short or long. I have seen his daily trade sheet and it is just a hodgepodge of market profile, moving average numbers, etc. Like one person in the trial room stated "Blue if you throw out enough numbers something has got to stick". He was booted two minutes later. Hopefully your post will save others from the rediculous 7,500.00 training fee.
This is all old news to us folks here...we broke the scoop about a year ago so you folks from Elite are a bit behind schedule. We encourage people to ask the tough questions and get statements and don't fall for some flimsy one week trial etc....

now what I would really like to see is one of you Big Blue falcon bashers have the nerve to post a word document that summarizes the teachings..this way we could just point people here to pick up their free copy and save themselves could rename it of course....any takers??? Would make a great New year gift!!...I need more egg nog!!
Originally posted by Lafcadio

This is irony for you...I have been writing on informing all who want to learn the truth about Falcon Day traders what a scam it is. And on this page is a advertisement heralding 90% wins...what is the site?...non other than the infamous falcon fleece operation.

I was a member... I observed Mr. blue..."Mr Falcon", in all his glory ..rarely did I EVER WITNESS him making a winning call!!! If you have read thus far you know it is something he always promised to live trades...He uses any excuse to escape doing that for a very real reason...His total ineptness and lack of any ability to trade profitably would be all too obvious.

For all those who come hear to find the truth about Falcon day it is...Falcon and Mr. blue are scam artist ...con artist...BS artist...say what you will. He cannot trade and hasn't a clue as to how to make a profit in the market. You would be better off reading Popular Mechanics than paying a nickel to this scoundrel. Be forewarned!!!