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Any software that really helps with MP ?

I had never heard of CapFlow before so I did some investigating and if I got it right then this is what I've found out:

Their web site is:
They don't sell software but a "daily email service describing the state of the futures market for the most traded contracts at the Sydney Futures Exchange."

I quote the following from their "How it Works" page:
"Capflow is a common name for the first extension of the market profile. It comes from the concept of watching the capital flow in and out of the market with half hour price distribution charts in a similar fashion to the way a pit trader sees markets ebb and flow in the pit."

I have sent them an email inviting them to respond to this topic and tell us more about themselves.

They offer a 7 day free trial.
Topgun Software can be found at
I've also sent them an email and invited them to respond to this thread and tell us more about themselves. If/when they read this perhaps they can tell us how their product specifically helps with Market Profile.
It looks like they offer a free 7 day trial for anybody that is interested.
I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with the following softwares:

1. Capflow
2. TopGun
they both claim to make MP trading easier.
also, if there are other softwares or trading tools that anyone has worked with which has enhanced their Market Profile trades , please do not hesitate to mention...
sorry, capflow was short for capital flow
here is a site i found:

but i could not find any pricing info. nor is it clear to me if their product works with e-signal or not.

This following is from the home page:

"Steidlmayer Software, Inc. produces Capital Flow Software, a tool that lets stock and commodities traders perform unique analyses based on the Market Profile® database. It represents the culmination of many years of market study, practical trading, and empirical observation, and is based on an original approach to the markets, to market data, and to market analysis. Capital Flow has been developed by a trader (as opposed to analysts), and focuses on the practical and immediate challenges that traders face on a daily basis.

Capital Flow runs on personal computers running Microsoft Windows 95/ 98/ NT/ 2000 / XP."

However I still can't work out what the software does or exactly what they provide - yet.

I have sent them an email and will post any response that I get from them here. I have also invited them to respond directly in this forum.
okay, i guess this is the distributor for capital flow software:
Thanks for the link mash.

From Aspen Graphic's web site:

Market Profile
The Chicago Board of Trade maintains a copyright on Market Profile ® Graphic format and requires a monthly license fee from each subscriber.

Spectrum Profile
Spectrum Profile displays the tick volume at each price in a day's range and it can be displayed in any time base. Spectrum Profile is provided at no charge.

From what I understand, the arrangement of the letters in the bell curve in a graphic format is what CBOT have copyrighted. What Aspen graphics are able to provide at no charge is a bell curve of ticks or volume against the Y axis of the chart in a solid bar chart format.

From memory, I recall that CBOT chart $7 or $10 per user of their Market Profile Graphic which is the letter formation. I believe that you can use or sell a histogram of the prices for no charge. i.e. TPOs at price, or volume or ticks at price as a bar - so long as it's not a letter arrangement.

I am guessing that the reasons that we don't see more vendors of Market Profile Graphics are:
  • It is programmatically simple to create so low barriers to entry and therefore not much can be charged for it which means that it is not worthwhile to invest time in creating fancy software for it.

  • CBOT charge per user which makes it necessary for a vendor to license each user in a manner dictated by CBOT and pass on license fees. This makes the administration of software cumbersome.

  • Market Profile is a complex subject to understand and few have the stamina to go on to master it. (People will usually take the easier route and give up with Market Profile.)

  • Market Profile does not give buy/sell signals. It is not an entry/exit system but a method for understanding the structure of the market and is therefore often dismissed as a secondary tool of little importance.

  • Those that have mastered Market Profile and use it as an essential element in their profitable trading strategies would be better off keeping quiet about it and not letting others in on the power of Market Profile and so do not promote it. (The more people that know and use a strategy that works the quicker it will stop working because of mass application. i.e. killing the goose that lays the golden egg.)

I was able to get a hold of Aspen and ask some questions through email. I would like to share that with everyone:

Q. I would like to know if this software is licensed to general
public individual users and if yes, what would be the cost?

A. Yes, Aspen is widely used by individual traders throughout the world. The monthly cost of the service when used with Capflow32 is

Q. does is require a live date feed such as e-signal orTS? or can i
cancel my e-signal and still be good with your software?

A. Aspen does require a datafeed. You would
cancel your Esignal and go with our selected datafeed as we do not
interface with Esignal.

Q. if another live data feed needed, what is the live date feed company and it's
monthly cost?

A. The datafeed is DTN. Monthly cost is $100+exchange fees if you need
real-time quotes or $50 for delayed quotes only.

Q. Does your software come with a chat room with live

A. No. Aspen does not have a live chat room.

Q. What does your software offer that is different from
regular MP offered through e-signal?

A. Compared to Esignal, Aspen is considerably quicker with the
downloads, is much better supported by "live bodies", and was the first
selected software to work with Capflow, by Pete Steidlmayer. Pete and
Aspen have had a product relationship for more than 15 years. Aspen
Graphics has been providing charting to traders for more than 21 years.

Q. Does it come with DLB?

A. I'm sorry, but I don't know what DLB is

Q. What kind of classes do you offer for learning:
a.using your software
b. MP and DLB
c. set ups and trading strategies using MP

a)All new Aspen clients receive free, personalized telephone training on
how to navigate and use Aspen. All Aspen clients are welcome to access
our Training Dept. at any time with any question. This is also free and is
available on an unlimited basis. We also offer individualized training at
our corporate office in Colorado for 2 days. The cost for this training is
$2000 and includes lodging and most meals. Lastly, on-site (your
location) is available at a rate of $400/day + expenses.

b)Comprehensive instruction on MP is available through the Training
Dept. Not all clients use MP, so you simply need to ask and arrange a

c)We do not teach trading strategies or set-ups to our clients.

Thanks mash - that's really useful info.
Here is series of e-mail correspondence I had with a Canadian Rep. of
Steidlmayer Software Inc way back in 2002. You may get some pieces of information.

Dear M. Thompson,

We are located in Montreal and we are exclusive distributors of Steidlmayer Software in Canada. If you become a customer we can give you a full 1-hour tutorial over the phone and you may at any time call one of our traders to ask questions or get technical support. In terms of a seminar, it may be possible to hold one in Toronto depending on the number of traders attending. Do you know of any other people interested in Market Profile? We are experts in the software and can save you approximately 6 months of work if you were to figure it out for yourself.

The software is available as a monthly lease with no long term obligation. The cost is $1000 U.S. + gst per month.

best regards,

Danny Azimov
----- Original Message -----
From: Mark Thompson
To: Steidlmayer Software Inc.
Sent: Friday, November 29, 2002 11:00 AM
Subject: Re: day trading queries

Dear Mr. Danny Azimov,

Thank you for answering my queries. I am located in Toronto. Are you holding any semiars in Toronto. How much does your software cost? Is it a one time fee or is it a monthly subscription?

Thanking You


"Steidlmayer Software Inc." <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi M. Thompson,

Where are you located? We also day trade the e-mini S&P's with the software. Unfortunately the software is not compatibile with E-signal. Have you looked at as an alternative to E-signal?


Danny Azimov
$1,000 per month !! - that's not cheap... (i assume CAD). that's probably the most expensive trading software i've ever heard of
Originally posted by mash

I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with the following softwares:

1. Capflow
2. TopGun
they both claim to make MP trading easier.
also, if there are other softwares or trading tools that anyone has worked with which has enhanced their Market Profile trades , please do not hesitate to mention...

hi mash,
i don't have an idea what capital flow really is, but i did a few research and found out that capital flow is a software that has been developed to survey all global markets and identify trading situations that has high potentials.It also aims to support the individual with the best database and tools so that he can add value to the identified trade. Steidlmayer software inc., the producer of the capflow software is developing classes for the subscribers of the software. But as for now, they don't have specific schedules yet
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