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Looking for longs...

In this 1445 area......we have weekly pivot up above.....concern is 9/11 anniversary which may be factored in at these low levels..should at least test 1450 today..and hopefully soon...

Trade with passion!

NQ back at the 2016 support level for yet another test !

ES unable to hold the 1437 level.

ER2 looks ugly, unable to hold any support with continued aggressive selling.

IF NQ holds support and ER2 forms a V bottom with confirmation, then I will be looking for longs into the late afternoon session.
did'nt get the sharp V low, but did get something even better, a nice big W... love the volatility !

support broke but then held and sent sellers running for their lives...late afternoon reversals are a wonderful thing....rocketed the NQ all the way back to 2044 !
tks mentioned before not up on tech so the charts will come but later.

Nonetheless, the up move on Monday was not as strong as I expected it to be as it did not get up to the weekly and then down a bit. This was what I had in mind.

However it did not go anywhere near the weekly on the up move on Monday. So, the expectation was it would break the 1437 today and did....The head fake up this morning-Nov 20- was the clearing out process...stop runs...happens all the time before they show their hand and wham down.

It should go up now but I hestitate to make any predictions as the real action as far as I am concerned was globex sunday night, monday and today....and the up move I was expecting did not happen earlier and with much conviction.

It might still move up but I play it cautiously till Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving.
well I'm starting in on long side with the market down at 1427 in overnight ...down 19 points from the close yesterday!!! Seems like 1433 is first road block on concern is The monday - Tuesday range concept and will post that in the "any statistics on this" thread..This could be interesting...
They tagged 1433.25...If we can clear the 33 area then next spot to take some off will be the 1438 area..1427 was/is Value area low concern is that they will probably run out the overnight high or low is down at 1426.....stop on runners is currently at break thoughts are really only on long side so may need to re-enter if they run out that overnight low now that day session is open
had to go back in at 26.50..will add to long on a test of 1422 if it goes down there..first target is now 31.25...runners get stopped out a lot for me...
concern here si that they have 3 hits down at that 26 area..( overnight low)so I am assuming that they will run out the stops down there to shake out us long holders...plan is still to add at 1422 if neede
ok..31.25 hit..stop on runners is target is up at 38 area but I think I will need luck to get that
needed to peal some at 33.50.....stop now at 28.75 but only have 4 contracts left...still would like a much longer term target
#@$%!! Stopped out.....frustrating but this is telling me something..will try to get short for that overnight low break...not holding for long down move...prefer longs to position into market
we might need to open a new topic here... "looking for a trading range" .... how many times are we going to run into 1470.50 today ?
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