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Looking for longs...

In this 1445 area......we have weekly pivot up above.....concern is 9/11 anniversary which may be factored in at these low levels..should at least test 1450 today..and hopefully soon...

Trade with passion!

Covered 2 runners at 35.75 and still trying to get that 38 area...will probably get stopped ..not enough ammo to get longer targets but the 1418.50's played out well...took a few trys to get those runners working today
Originally posted by BruceM

well, like it or not I am in at 1422.25...28.25 is first target.....this is not an add -on..was waiting for those hour lows to break..I will add on a trade to 1418........

looks like I wasn't the only one going for that area..explainations later..did anyone notice what price you get when you subtracted the hour range from the hour low?
could you send out a picture of the trendline or mention the time frame...? Is this like a Trader Vic - 2 B pattern...?

Looks like we robbed the bank today
Originally posted by pt_emini

Trendline break and successful retest of support.

Entered Long NQ 2003.50.

Stop 1999.50

Very nice trading gentlemen.
Educational summary of trade concepts today:

The break of the overnight high or low - fade
the break of the Monday - Tuesday range
The break of the hour high or low - fade. retests, breakouts
Range projection based on the first hours range ..they broke it to almost a full range subtracted to downside ( some front run to get in early I believe). They broke it to a half a range to upside.
Getting stopped out a lot on runners
having enough contracts on to hold for bigger targets- eventually
Getting stopped on runners and re entering
looking long from the 16.75 area to test 22 area...this is small package as risk is high..we have single ticks up at 1421 area so that will help with the push up....I hope....

I added this to my post:....the single ticks won't actually confirm until this current 30 minute bar closes; The breakdown for this zone begins up at the 1427 area so that will be secondary target but I don't have much ammo on this so holding is more of a challenge
stopped out at 1414.25....going long again at 1407.50..with 1414 as stop currently working....perhaps in overnight...big volume push down is obviously a concern///lots of single prints sit add ons as it's too late
just covered all but one measly contract at 1413.50 in overnight..not worth giving this back...and waiting for an extra .5 points....I'd like to see lower prices ( assuming I will get stopped on my last runner) to set up better long side...time is 9:38 EST..more on that in another post
24.75 is last fill on that "measly" bounce off that single tick breakdown zone of 1427....time is 11:06 EST..sure wish I had more measly contracts...
we might need to open a new topic here... "looking for a trading range" .... how many times are we going to run into 1470.50 today ?
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