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Looking for longs...

In this 1445 area......we have weekly pivot up above.....concern is 9/11 anniversary which may be factored in at these low levels..should at least test 1450 today..and hopefully soon...

Trade with passion!

couldn't get the short off in time but went long on break of overnight low....will target 31.25 again..crazy far
filled at 31 even..stop on runners at target is new highs then the 38 if this can do something
so now I'm thinking which way are they going to break out of the hour high or low..just got stopped on the 27.50
seems like it may be the hour low that get's next long campaign will come if that happens..concern is that the more times they bang away at the MP traders at 27 and the overnight low then the more likely it may run down a bit
well, like it or not I am in at 1422.25...28.25 is first target.....this is not an add -on..was waiting for those hour lows to break..I will add on a trade to 1418........not trading heavy contracts now as we never know ..especially with holiday coming and Monday, tuesday range broken to downside...just slightly far
revising first target to 26.00 which is hour breakout
Market is testing a possible area of support: ES 1422 , NQ 1994 , ER2 736.5

I will need to see some confirmation of trend change before entering long however...these lower highs concern me. Waiting for a reversal pattern or trendline break off support.
Trendline break and successful retest of support.

Entered Long NQ 2003.50.

Stop 1999.50
Stop moved to 2004.00
Exited 2012.00 + 8.5
we might need to open a new topic here... "looking for a trading range" .... how many times are we going to run into 1470.50 today ?
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