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Wednesday 01-02-08

starting longs at 1469..1474 is first target...will be watching hour break down if needed to add
seeing some range extension here
add-ons are on at 62.75...revised upper targte is first entry at 67.50
out on all for the loss at first losing campaign of
going in again at 56.50..long..59 first target
Bruce - i got ahead of myself and got long too (no clear sig per the stuff i look at - we'r off to a good start, huh :)
secondary target is 63.50...
I've decided to dance with the one I brot to the dance

By that I mean, as long as the Ichi says to be short I'm staying short

Entered ER2 Long here on this retest 2B formation
FOMC minutes at 2 pm... fwiw
trailing stop to 753
Thanks Bruce!