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Wednesday 01-02-08

starting longs at 1469..1474 is first target...will be watching hour break down if needed to add
news reaction produced a pretty wide IB

also the unfilled gap (from a week ago) in the NQ at 2100 was filled this morning
fairly wide range of single prints will exist if the 68.50 swing high holds into the 11:00 a.m would be interesting to know what is the average amount of single prints that usually form....
Bruce, im just using a freebie efs from esignal for my upper daily range boundary and lower daily range boundary - i use it on a 5min chart of the ES - it may or may not hold but i at least have a fairly good idea where i might want to be a buyer or seller - it seems to be holding here at the 1465.00 area so now im looking for a bullish 123 pattern - ur void above lends to it holding here too
dow trying to hold this up which is not a good sign for us longs
I hope so Gio but so far they are making me work too hard for the new year.....volume still dead...seems like hour low going to get taken out
no new low in Dow.with S&P new low and hour break a pop up should happen but will it be enough to attract other buyers?
maybe the 10cst reversal time will help - im trading the ES but the NQ 5min has a heck of a bullish wedge now
just for reference..if I had bought the breakdown ( which I didn't yet..and still hope I don't have to) I'd target the singles at 68.75..will still be buying at 63.50 for add - on but the more time it takes the less I like it..
got a brucem triple now on the es
isn't it amazing how the market never seems to have those quick moves in your favor when you want it to......just a slow torture for me today with this campaign
Thanks Bruce!