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Wednesday 01-02-08

starting longs at 1469..1474 is first target...will be watching hour break down if needed to add
Gio, what was the reason for the reverse if the ICHI was still pointing lower...thanks in advance and well done....I just exited my runners at 61.75 as the risk to target was too great..If I can see a push down to the 57 area I will re-enter long side...
Originally posted by gio5959

Had to SAR

Maybe i can hit these fib targets


spoke to soon on that 57 area.....crazy day for us faders...holding longer term again
in at 57.25...will be adding at new lows if they come today....initial target to tighten is 62
bruce - i was gunning for ur triple from this morning 10cst, and got a direct hit on my long trade from 12:45cst


added at 49.50..obvious high risk making new lows in the after noon time frame.....this will also be longer term which for me will probably be is the 57 area to take some off if lucky here or in overnight
Originally posted by BruceM

Gio, what was the reason for the reverse if the ICHI was still pointing lower...thanks in advance ...

Had to SAR

Bruce - that was a weak buy sig - 'Kijun Sen cross Buy signal takes place when a bullish cross happens below the Kumo'. If it happens above the kumo (cloud) then its a strong sig

But i was gunning for ur tiples from this morning so apparently it was stronger than expected - good for me :)
ER2 and NQ sitting on morning support levels here
I personally only use the triples as targets to get broken and usually don't watch them once that happens. This is the great thing about sharing ideas, you never know when someone finds a new way to use something. I have watched them reverse roles ( in this case support become resistance ) but not consistent enough. You may draw a different conclusion. thanks for the update.....

I'm not enjoying this long trade....I'd feel better if we could get a 30 minute close well above that last swing low of 51.25..otherwise I need to re- evaluate this.....I won't be adding a third time....for me I only do that in the first 90 minutes

Just for reference that 1465 area retest had the 50% fib players on board many different players watching that
bruce - do you use esignal?

i created an efs that will spot the triples automatically on any 5min index
covered all at 54.50 . ..I had longs from 49.50 and 57.25 so that was a good place to make good on this/////too much risk for this time of day.....I hope for lower open tomorrow or in overnight....bias is obviously to upside..but look how difficult that made it today...tough but good day to start off the New Year
Thanks Bruce!
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