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Wednesday 01-09-08

My plan is to buy down here and slightly below Tuesdays 94.50 is where I begin....with the large range on Tuesday this should be the day to buy the breaks and sell rallies.......also I am not expecting huge weekly range extension today given the internal divergences

1401 even is my first target.....

Risk on all this is the obvious big sell off yesterday and the fact that we are below the 1395 - 1400 zone...

I think we need to see today close above 1405 to get something going on upside.

I edited this here to include the Pitbull trades:

Market opens and trades down to the minus 2.5 so you are the buyer of the opon price.////Good for 1.5 points....

Market rallies up to the plus 5.5 so you are selling the plus 4...Good for 1.5 points...

Anyone want to include a 5 minute or one minute of the first 90 minutes? I'm too lazy and my free IB charts kinda
Single prints exist up above the 1412.50 and the VA low comes in at 1414 so any rally may find trouble up there
Target hit...was hoping low would come in first though...will try for overnight high at 1406 if not stopped out on runners next
GM BruceM

Good luck today

I also hit first target but took some heat , whew

Second target is 1410
target hit..trailing now on last runners...tight as I feel selling will come
where and why is the entry on your trade? I want to make this as educational as possible given time restraints. Otherwise we might just as well go to paltalk with all the other folks who don't explain their stuff.....I'm trying to get back on track
Originally posted by gio5959

GM BruceM

Good luck today

I also hit first target but took some heat , whew

Second target is 1410

Why did I go long when I did? Simple Elementary Stuff, I guess.

1. Price made a 123 pattern

2. Price crossed its 10 bar ATR (average true range -black line)

3. Price made a 'price pivot' when crossing the ATR - (higher low and close above prior high)
a. price pivot can seen by looking at the #2 and #3 bars

4 Price made a bullish divergence off the RSI from it's oversold range and crossed the RSI midrange line ( 50 )

I hope this helps !

What is Paltalk? I'l go hang out there. I'm not an educator like you, wish I was.


great gio..I keep getting stopped out on my 2 at one tik profit now in at 1393.50 after low and both at 1 tik profit.

If get stopped out will revist at what price go long. Last week down 71 pts, major wave is down but this week should be up anywhere from 45-55 pts average range for many weeks prior to holidays.....

Question was at what price go long...1410 worked for 20 pts...1393+50=1443 still well below the next high area and still keeping the major wave intact...

Imho we going up 40-55 pts but at what price is key...I'm assuming now 1391...this should be the low...hopefully by Friday should be up there...

This week the long year I guess.

good luck...
1391+50=1441 weekly pivot...

reminds me 2 or was Dec 21, 06 weeks ago when they went up ballistic on early morning Friday and on Friday to get and touch the weekly pivot of 1498 or something..right at the end or near the close.....

And you think this is all natural....not....

Everything is Eisenhower stated...( I think it was Eisenhower..some U.S. President stated this in the 1930's..sorry I'm Canadian)

Good luck
In the afternoon we should bust up...if not then may go down...should not go down below 1397/1393.

yesterday we failed at 1431/1432..area..PT inverse. We need to bust up past 1407 in the aft....

If it comes to pass I have high area of 1412 and 1422. On Er I have 713.70 and 722.30...this for today. maybe highs in last hour of trading....yesterday was lows....

Lets see..good luck
Originally posted by pips2007

sorry I'm Canadian)

Good luck

Hi Pips

Say, don't be sorry that you're a Canadian

(funny how things can get taken out of context, huh)

just poking fun but now day trading is going to hate me lol
EaE Hmm...

sorry I could not help it. After all the Course sellers in the so called "Learning how to trade Futures" section.

comedy affair.there...really....

Don't listen to them...and make money. I told you 40 pt and 50 pt targets yesterday FOR FREE...FREE. Check it out.

None of those expert...sorry X the "Learning to trade Futures" did..but they want your MONEY...honey...

"Dynamo Hum...where that Dynamo comin from...I done three hours and I aint got a Profit...I got a course that will make you HOT...Just OOH..OOH..just give...ooh yeah...just give me ....ooh...ooh..just..just...GIVE ME YOUR MONEY........I got a SPOT THAT WILL MAKE YOU HOT...just pay me $7,000 for it....Dynamo...Hum...Frank Z.

Parody yes...but true...Too many Maggot Brain....Funkadelic.

Goodnight.....wherever you are.

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