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Square roots

Hello Mypivots,

As of this writting the High on the ES was 1254. If we take the low this A.M. @ 1243.75 and get the Square root which is 35.26684 and add (since it was a low, If it were a high then I would subtract .146) then I square the number by itself i.e. 35.26684 + .146 = 35.41284 now we square 35.41284 x 35.41284 =1254.06 or 1254 which was this A.M.s first high. I didn't trade since I didn't have another signal. I missed a great short, but I would rather follow my rules then trade on a whim. Also .25 works good and .382.

Todays high 1254, find Square root and subtract .25 and square it is 1236.3 or 1236.5, this may be a good trade since 1256 is another one of my numbers.

Happy trading

ES hit 1237.5 and not 1236.5 and shot up left me in the dust, oh well thats a given for the increased markeet moves. next...

1237.5 Sq root p;us .146 squared is 1247.75, 1246.25 is a weekly pivot so may be a good trade if it makes it. I'll take a short if hand drawn chart says so.
+4.5 points off that trade, took 1.75 points heat, my first signal for today, I am usally on 2-4 by now.

ES has fallen 40 points in 11 30min bars, and making new year to date lows today.
Do you use only RTH in your caculations? No overnite hi/lo?
Hello redsixspeed,

Thats correct only 9:30 to 4:15. Although I am sure both work. I just use what the majority would use.

Square root +.25 off todays low is 1255.4, also todays high is 1254 ish, and 1253.25 is a .382 % from todays low and yesterdays high. Be watching the 1min for a good entry around those levels.
Oh entry for short trade, I didn't say in the last post. 8 times out of 10 I am a counter "short term" trend player. But not afraid to go with the flow if its that kinda day.

I'm short @ 1254. My 1 min RSI looks bearish.
Covered @ 1251.25 +2.75 points.
well done Joe..interesting!
Thanks Bruce,

1244.5 is a support from todays High. And 1246.25 is weekly pivot, may get a small bounce in that area.
Low was 1246 markets up 4.25 off of it so far, also 1 min RSI was overbought. Scalped 1.5 points, +8.75 ES points so far.
I have been short for about 10min (thats long term for me)@1256.75 because 1257 is one of my numbers and so is 1258.5, seems the market is trading sideways instead of falling. Also the 30 min chart is at the 50% of last run.


You did it right, mine may have been human error or typo....but you are doing it right. If my fly fishing ever takes me to Canada I'll take you up on it.