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Square roots

Hello Mypivots,

As of this writting the High on the ES was 1254. If we take the low this A.M. @ 1243.75 and get the Square root which is 35.26684 and add (since it was a low, If it were a high then I would subtract .146) then I square the number by itself i.e. 35.26684 + .146 = 35.41284 now we square 35.41284 x 35.41284 =1254.06 or 1254 which was this A.M.s first high. I didn't trade since I didn't have another signal. I missed a great short, but I would rather follow my rules then trade on a whim. Also .25 works good and .382.

Todays high 1254, find Square root and subtract .25 and square it is 1236.3 or 1236.5, this may be a good trade since 1256 is another one of my numbers.

Happy trading
Square root - .382 from High today (1247) = 1220
Square root - .25 from High @ 11am= 1221.9

These numbers still active, once the market hits a number I don't trade it again unless its hours apart or 2 new reasons to enter.
markets just lying on the weekly pivot, if we break that support a large sell off may come.
Square root + .146 of the low = 1236, 1237 is a prime. But there having trouble getting there. $vix and Euros are way up there.
Short at 1235.75
out @ 1233.75 + 2 points
+15.75 today I havn't broken any rules of mine and no losses (yet anyways still 2hrs left)
Amazing stuff Joe - I'm so impressed! Approximately how many points can you make per year by just trading one contract? Thanks.
Thank you anouska,

God alone be the glory.

It dosn't matter if you just on average make 2-3 points a day, allowing for compound math and even the stricts margin rates of lets say $4500 CME clearing rates. Not counting salary and taxes you'd clear 100,000 in less than 22 weeks and in 29 weeks be over 1/4 million$ trading with 65 cons. Traders need a plan. But I average the same amount winners as I do losers dollar wise. I try to hit 7-9 out of ten, and scratch the same amount that I lose most of the time. But thats okay if i can win more times than I lose. Just make a goal thats obtainable and steadliy increase contracts.
Happens every time, I go somwhere and the market runs up and hits a number and falls off.

1241.25 was daily pivot and RSI looked overbought (1min) and hit my 200ma on the 3 min, was good for 4 points.
Joe I am watching this long from 1225.50. My first leg I use +.146 to (1235.74) if it holds @ support I look to + .25 @ (1243.00) if hold next leg to +.382 @ 1252.50. Do you use this system like this, or is it .146 @ each leg?

You did it right, mine may have been human error or typo....but you are doing it right. If my fly fishing ever takes me to Canada I'll take you up on it.
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