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Square roots

Hello Mypivots,

As of this writting the High on the ES was 1254. If we take the low this A.M. @ 1243.75 and get the Square root which is 35.26684 and add (since it was a low, If it were a high then I would subtract .146) then I square the number by itself i.e. 35.26684 + .146 = 35.41284 now we square 35.41284 x 35.41284 =1254.06 or 1254 which was this A.M.s first high. I didn't trade since I didn't have another signal. I missed a great short, but I would rather follow my rules then trade on a whim. Also .25 works good and .382.

Todays high 1254, find Square root and subtract .25 and square it is 1236.3 or 1236.5, this may be a good trade since 1256 is another one of my numbers.

Happy trading
MISSED IT BY 2 TICKS!! 1241.25 i.e. +22.25 points today.
Longed @ 1241 because its Sq root -.146 and daily pivot out +2 points, I exited at 1243 because 1243 is one of my S/R numbers Square of nine.
Next target is 1231.5 and also 1232.16 is monthly pivot. May not hit it today but is still good for monday. Also 1231 is Prime number.
oh 1231.5 is square root -.382 from last high @ 15:04
Joe; The .146 (1225.50) Friday was in an area where I had a marked support. The .146 was just under my support but did confirm that support area. Using the theory of old support/new resistance, if we close above resistance I stay/w it; as the resistance is now support. Enter .25 then .382 ect. I use volume, short term candles, and RSI to aid in my decision. My job this coming week is to fine tune.
Hope you catch a 10lb Bass your next fishing trip to N.C.
Todays low 1200.75 was just under the daily pivot and was 127% of the range from the lows in Jan to the highs in march. Also 1201 was a prime and the one min RSI was oversold. A nice pop up, 1 point shy of the .146 Sq root from the low. 1217.25 (weekly pivot) and 1217 is a prime and also some major resistance there and the 1220's if we start heading up today. If we get below 1200 (127%) look out bulls, but on a daily sence were close to being oversold if not already there.
1218 is Sq rt +.25 and 1217.25 is the weekly pivot.
I am short @ 1220.75, my hand drawn 30 min chart has some resistance @ this level (45degree angle running of the july 9th highs) and 1225 and 1223 is some strong resistance. This is a tad longer term for me.
I covered at 1212.25 +8 points. reason for exit RSI 1 min was close to oversold.
I am showing a 1-3 hour trend change on the 30 min chart @ 2:30-3:00. It depends on the short term trend at that time. This has worked over 90% in the past.

You did it right, mine may have been human error or typo....but you are doing it right. If my fly fishing ever takes me to Canada I'll take you up on it.
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