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Square roots

Hello Mypivots,

As of this writting the High on the ES was 1254. If we take the low this A.M. @ 1243.75 and get the Square root which is 35.26684 and add (since it was a low, If it were a high then I would subtract .146) then I square the number by itself i.e. 35.26684 + .146 = 35.41284 now we square 35.41284 x 35.41284 =1254.06 or 1254 which was this A.M.s first high. I didn't trade since I didn't have another signal. I missed a great short, but I would rather follow my rules then trade on a whim. Also .25 works good and .382.

Todays high 1254, find Square root and subtract .25 and square it is 1236.3 or 1236.5, this may be a good trade since 1256 is another one of my numbers.

Happy trading
Thank you redsixspeed & anouska,

Todays high so far 1241.25 was a daily pivot. The trade was entered and +3 points was the result. I only enter trades with more than one reason, the 30 min chart looked weak.

Look for a bounce on the S&P CASH @ 1224 ish level.

1220 is old low from may 2006 and so is 1224, 1225 is a Square of nine number and 1223 is a prime number.

I missed the bottom today Square root - .382 from yesterdays high = 1232, market hit 1233.75 and headed north without me.
The Square root +.146 of Todays low (so far) 1233.75 = 1244, also 1243 is a prime #.

Short from 1243.5
Exit @ 1240.75 +2.75
Trade was exited because it seemed to find support @ 1241.25 i.e. daily pivot, I didn't go long because I need 2 reasons for entry and 1 reason for exit.

Seems like were headed for 1177 on S&P cash, there's a massive head and shoulders formation on the weekly chart. But I really don't care were it goes.
1251.25-50 is Square root +.25 todays low (1233.75) Also 1250.25 is daily pivot.

Markets having trouble @ 1247 i.e. weekly pivot, no trade entered need other S&R numbers and I don't have any more at that level.
1236.75 is Square root - .146 of todays High so far 1237.25, trade passed there is no other number I have at that level. If something works 40% of the time mix it with something that works 30% of the time and you got a great system, or take something that works 30% of the time and do the opposite LOL make 70% then.

1232.25 was weekly pivot and 1231 is Prime number. I got a poor fill on a long @1234 and out @ 2points+ go back and look at a 10 sec chart and see how the markets react at these levels.
what are you using for weekly pivots ? I don't show a weekly number at 1232.25..thanks and good trading

I said 1232.25 was a weekly pivot, its a monthly pivot, those are rare. Last time we hit one was Fed day in june 1337ish. I was short and man that market tanked. I don't watch the market news it effects me negitive, I didn't even know it was the fed until days later. Fed yeah right it was the monthly pivot.
Good eye Bruce,

I have them colored on my charts and I am so used to seeing weekly pivots, It didn't even register that it was monthly until after the trade I was loging it in my books and I saw that it was a different number.
Todays low so far (1232) Square root + .146 is = 1242.25 and 1241.25 is a daily pivot.

You did it right, mine may have been human error or typo....but you are doing it right. If my fly fishing ever takes me to Canada I'll take you up on it.
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