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Square roots

Hello Mypivots,

As of this writting the High on the ES was 1254. If we take the low this A.M. @ 1243.75 and get the Square root which is 35.26684 and add (since it was a low, If it were a high then I would subtract .146) then I square the number by itself i.e. 35.26684 + .146 = 35.41284 now we square 35.41284 x 35.41284 =1254.06 or 1254 which was this A.M.s first high. I didn't trade since I didn't have another signal. I missed a great short, but I would rather follow my rules then trade on a whim. Also .25 works good and .382.

Todays high 1254, find Square root and subtract .25 and square it is 1236.3 or 1236.5, this may be a good trade since 1256 is another one of my numbers.

Happy trading
You got the idea, thats how I use it. You can use it to match your style. I am counter trend So I use those numbers for resistance not support. But If you wanted to you could enter in long because there was SOOOOO many things @ 1225ish level that A stop could have been placed at each of those .146, .25, .382, .5 ect levels until your stopped out. I try not to stay in the market for long periods of time lots can go wrong for me anyways. Although I do have set-ups that yeild many points there rare. maybe 2 a month, then theres trades where I can get 4-5 points, but the average trade is 2 points and they happen almost every day.
But like anything else I never trade only one thing alone I line things up. Sure I miss a lot of good trades but I would rather follow my rules i.e. 2 things must line up and I cut back on my profit and % went up.
1231.25 is Square root -.146 but no other number around that level. also 1232 is monthly pivot

longed @ 1231.75
Out 1234 +2.25
Thanks Joe; If we didn't have such neg. breadth & neg. advance decline line today, these levels may have produced much more to the up side.
Yep, you can compensate for that with added contracts. Its a lot easier to get 2 points with 10 contracts than it is to get 8 points with 2 contracts. And 2 point trades come around a lot more often than the 8 pointers I'd say 10x more often depending on which system you use.
ES almost hit 1252.25 SQ root + .382 of 1225.5 The 1 min RSI was way overbought indicating it wasn't going to make it. Had the daily pivot @ 1250.25 and 1251 is a Square of ninwe number. And 25k volume bars on the 1 min chart + 2 points, 20.25 points today.

Market rocketed thru Square root .25 No trade was taken anyways no other number. i.e. 1243 /1246.25 was a weekly piviot but was to far away to count.
My target was 1252.50. Thanks Joe if your ever in Charlotte NC dinner is on me
Thank You Red,

I go fishing in Bervard all the time, I'll have to take you up on that. Did you make any points on a trade?
1248 was Square root -.146 from high 1250.25 was daily pivot 1249 was Prime number

Longed @ 1249.25 +2points.
Next target .25 i.e. 1240.8 and 1241.25 is daily pivot.

You did it right, mine may have been human error or typo....but you are doing it right. If my fly fishing ever takes me to Canada I'll take you up on it.