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Does anyone know about David Marsh? I have been strongly considering giving his method a try, but still really haven't found any independent feedback on him. I have spoken to him directly and corresponded with 3 of his students, who all thinks his method works, but of course I got the names from David Marsh. I am hoping to get some feedback from someone independent. Thanks.
i have 2 say its my first time i hear about method by David Marsh if u can bring some details about it and ill give it a try

You can take a look at the website at http://www.eminitradingstrategies.com/. It costs $1395.00 to take the course. I am hoping to hear from someone on this forum that knows someone who has taken the course or had experience with David Marsh
On his web site it says "Earn a Living Daytrading E-minis. I do it. And I want to teach you how to do it too."

Any idea if David Marsh gives details on how much he makes trading his strategy? When you talked to him did he give you figures? My question to him would be "How much capital do you use to earn a living trading and what is your return?" If his system needs $1m down and you earn $100k/year then that's an impressive 10% return. If you're a student with $10k then $1k won't be a living...
He told me that he usually trades 10 to 30 contracts. He states with a $5,000 account you should trade a maximum of 3 S&P eminis and he states once you build your account up to $18 to $20k you can trade 10 to 12 contracts. He states that trading 10 contracts you should make about $500 a day minus commissions which I estimate at 10 to 15%. I spoke to one of his students that said he was up to 9 contracts and was consistently able to make a point a day. He is planning on doing this for a living and he states he worked as a trader on the floor of the New York Stock exchange for 7 years until just a few months ago.

Do you have any ideas on how else I could check this guy out, or do you know anyone that has heard of him?
Anybody wants your money upfront is not worth considering. How do you know if the course is the right one for you? That is what free trial for.
There is a double money back guarantee. My thinking is the course is pretty simple and more just teaching you how to use a couple indicators to generate buy and sell signals, this is why he isn't providing a free trial.
That's a pretty good guarantee and he spells it out in great detail. He also says:
Please note: I have to protect myself from people who would intentionally buy my course, only to claim it doesn’t work, just looking for a freebie. So the customer must be willing to spend time working with me if they encounter difficulties. In the event they do, I will review the customer's trades and records to ascertain if the problem is being caused by The Tick Trader Methods.

...which is reasonable.

Based on his guarantee I would buy the course if you trust the guarantee - i.e. if you trust that he will repay you if it doesn't work. Remember that Mind Engines Neogen Matrix Trading Solutions offered a guarantee but when traders tried to collect on the guarantee after the system didn't work they reneged on it and traders didn't get their money back.

I would also get clarification on exactly what is meant by "I guarantee that the Tick Trader Method will deliver 1 point every day the market is open on the S&P 500 Emini Contracts." How many trades do you need to take to make that 1 point? Is it an average of 1 point per day or 1 point each day? How does he define 1 point? i.e. does the market have to trade through the price to guarantee the fill or just touch the price.

On paper it sounds good - if you can trust that he will repay you then I would do it - theoretically you can only gain - i.e. make money trading or make money by getting double money back on guarantee.

Perhaps the ultimate safety would be to do this through a trusted escrow account so that at least your money is safe and you know you can get it back if you don't release it from there.
Have you heard of other trading systems allowing you to use an escrow account? If so, which ones. I probably have already used up most of my social capital with David, because I was asking for business references, when at first I didn't get any emails from his students and asked for a phone number for his accountant or broker. He kind of got upset with the request for the accountant phone number :). He did give me his broker's phone number, which I called and he confirmed that David trades regularly everyday, but really wouldn't confirm any $ amount made.

I traded email with two of his other students and they both said they would do it again and one was using the system for income, but only trading 3 contracts a day. I guess he lived in the low rent district. :) My concern is the guarantee is only as good as the guarantor. David seems like a good guy on the phone, and claims he really has never had to pay it, because the people that have told them they weren't making it, when they showed their trades, were not following his system. He states that he will continue to help with phone calls and support long after the 30 day guarantee. I am really about learning the system, most of all. If I get the fact that he will continue to help me after the 30 days in writing, it sounds pretty good. He really says he has nothing to gain beyond the initial cost. He doesn't sell anything else. What do you think? Any other systems for new traders on stock index futures or options that you think are of great value? Thanks. I think this forum is great!
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Have you heard of other trading systems allowing you to use an escrow account? If so, which ones...

I know of none. But then I have also never heard of a system vendor paying money back to a trader when requested - so good reason for them not to use escrow if they never intend to pay the guarantee.
...asked for a phone number for his accountant or broker. He kind of got upset with the request for the accountant phone number...

That's a bad sign in my opinion. If he won't let you speak to his accountant and is upset at the request then I'd definitely pass on this one.

If his system provides the goods then he'll be okay using an escrow account.
Hola Rookie,

I buy TONS of programs. I have the course. I do not use it daily. Does that make it not 'do-able?' Not necessarily. After being in this game forever--it comes down to your PSYCHOLOGY. Does it fit you? You should be asking more of those type questions than the whole accountant et al. stuff. Personally, the reward/risk and the style and the frequency did not personally fit my psychology. However, I liked the course, a stand-up guy, will work with you to find out where your sweet spot is and all that stuff. This is a method that once you have it you will have to make up your mind EXACTLY how you want to implement it. You sound extremely new to the game--good luck and good trading.
Re-read the thread.

Simple indicators and nothing new or revolutionary. Can you make money with a 2 to 1 risk: reward method? Are you man enough to avg. into losers?

Get the picture.