David Marsh Tick Trader course

Does anyone know about David Marsh? I have been strongly considering giving his method a try, but still really haven't found any independent feedback on him. I have spoken to him directly and corresponded with 3 of his students, who all thinks his method works, but of course I got the names from David Marsh. I am hoping to get some feedback from someone independent. Thanks.
Lynn , no body has accused you as being a shill here.

It is one thing to post an "outcome" ; it is another thing to post your actual trades.

You seem to avoid my question related to the amount of capital you would apply to trading in real money with Marsh.

What changed so significantly from trading sim on TI to trading real money and losing "8 grand". Surely you had to have learnt something that would have prevented you to go to another vendor!!

How much personal research have you done with charts and price action?

It seems that what you have stated to date is you do not have discipline to trade as you stated you "broke the rules" with Marsh on sim trades....a recipe for disaster in real time trading.

There is ABSOLUTELY no get rich/successful quick method in trading ...and no educator can provide you the necessary disciplines to trade....It is YOU and YOU alone...

Take heed...

Hi Pink,

Well I have 25 thousand US dollars to trade with. You are correct. I've made alot of mistakes and sometimes I continue to. I really thought Traders IN. was going to work for me. I really thought TCI would work for me.

I know that trading is not going to be easy. I plan on spending at least 6 weeks to sim trading on dave's system before I ever risk one dime. I will then do what he says - trade 1 contract until I can do it in "real life" before I add contracts.

I hope I did not avoid any of your questions.

I will post results later.

Lynn W.
Hi Phantas..

Ok. I see you're point. I will simply post my results trading. I will not discuss systems I have purchased.

Lynn W.
If anyone is interested in my trading journal. Here it is:


I suppose I will stop posting on this forum. Thanks for all the feedback everyone.

I hope you all do well today.

Lynn W.
Hi Traders!

I have been away for awhile. I really tried to come on to the forums and give honest feedback. I really was offended as people insinuated that I was a shill. I really do not have too much time for that.

I am giving an update though on my status with Dave Marsh and his trading system as I know some people are curious.

Here goes: I have NOT traded live on the es system yet. Volume is very low and I am waiting for it to pick up. I understand the rules and I do sim trade it some.

My real interest is in Dave's dow strategy. I have been trading that since the last week of 2009 and as of right now I am up over 205 dow ticks. I have made every penny that I sent with David Marsh! I have had losing trades (lots of them) and I have made mistakes. David told me I am not quite ready to trade live yet. I was a bit discouraged but I did it anyways.

So my results so far are good. I made my money back and for the first time I can see myself making money trading, at least on the dow. When and if I trade the sp strategy I will update again.

My complaints are:
David will not call dow trades in the room. I understand that he has a lot going on but I wish he would.

Too many people hound David when we are trading asking questions about ninja or something dumb. David will answer everyone's questions and sometimes he misses a trade. I guess that's a nice thing but he should tell his students to ask questions after we are done trading.

So that is my feedback so far. I probably will not log back in again until I trade the es live as I really do not want to hear everyone tell me what I should do or what they think Dave Marsh should do. His email is on his site so you can ask him questions.

I am doing what I said I would do and that is give an honest opinion about David and his course.

So on a scale from 1 - 10
David's support is a 10
the dow strategy 9
the es strategy 7 or 8. I think I need to see better volume first. Not to say his sp system does not work, it does. With low volume though, we are seeing very few trades.

If this helps anyone I am happy.

Lynn W.
Keep us updated Lynn.
BTW, Do you need to use his software for his dow stratagy? Also, since you have been in his trading room has he averaged his 1 point per day in the ES?

Rainman: I do have his indicator software and the dow system. Dave does make a point in the room, and he calls out his trades. I am still paper trading the sp500 system.

I am trading with real money the dow system. It's better, but that's just my opinion. I am up with real money 390 ticks in about 4 weeks, and that is based on contract, not adding it all up combined.

I have made back all the money my husband and I spent with Dave as well as profit.

I'll try to update more next week.

Lynn W.
I have purchased David Marsh's system and have been trading/sim trading it for about 6 months. My experiences have been similar to Lynns. Here are my impressions of David's method.

First, I believe David has a level of integrity which is very rare in this business. He genuinely wants his students to succeed and believes they will. He returns emails very promptly, and is available for personal phone consultations by appointment. I do believe that HE makes his 1 S&P point every day. He calls out his trades in the room every day in advance. However, this does not mean that all of his students necessarily have teh same success.

Like Lynn, I have had mixed results with the ES, but excellent results with the YM. With the ES, i will typically make my point for 9 out of 10 days, but on that 10th day, I may loose most of what I have made the previous 9. Davids system IS NOT a black box. There is a fair amount of discretion on weather to take a trade setup or not. It takes a long time in the room to get all of the nuances of when and why David will take a trade. After 6 months, I am still learning and improving.

With the ES I started trading sim, got confident, started trading 2 contracts, got creamed, went to 1 contract, lost more and am now back on sim. I am rebuilding my confidence and consistency and hopefully will be back to live trading soon.

The YM strategy is much simpler and does not contain the nuances that the ES does. I have been making money on the ym since the day he released it.

In summary, I believe it is possible to learn Davids strategy and make money consistently. But, you must have the right mindset, the system must match your personal trading style, and you have to be willing to commit at least several months to learning the system.


With the ES, i will typically make my point for 9 out of 10 days, but on that 10th day, I may loose most of what I have made the previous 9.

What is your stop loss size ?

If on your first trade you take a loss, then do you try another trade which if successful I assume takes you back to breakeven minus commissions ? So do you then take a third trade to meet your "one point a day" objective ?

How many losing trades do you take in one day before you throw in the towel and quit for the day ?
There are 3 different setups, each with a different stop. Stops range from 3 to 8 ticks. Yes, the stops are often bigger than the target.

If you take a losing trade, or several losing trades, you must recover what you lost plus make your 1 point, plus an extra tick or two to cover the extra commissions. Sometimes on recovery trades you will extend your target to 8 ticks or even more. The target depends on the setup and some other factors which are fairly well defined. There is definitely some discretion as to what the target should be on recovery trades. This is something you learn as you spend time in the chat room listening to David trade. He explains his reasoning very well.
Re-read the thread.

Simple indicators and nothing new or revolutionary. Can you make money with a 2 to 1 risk: reward method? Are you man enough to avg. into losers?

Get the picture.