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Does anyone know about David Marsh? I have been strongly considering giving his method a try, but still really haven't found any independent feedback on him. I have spoken to him directly and corresponded with 3 of his students, who all thinks his method works, but of course I got the names from David Marsh. I am hoping to get some feedback from someone independent. Thanks.

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I'm sorry to say I'm not at all impressed with these videos showing Mr. Marsh trade live in a real account. That's correct folks, you heard me right and let me tell you why.

HE IS TRADING ONE CONTRACT. Here is a vendor who preaches he makes his living capturing one ES point a day and yet he demonstrates his method with ONE CONTRACT!

He writes, "Personally, I trade for 1 point and stop for the day. Why do I do this? Simple, trading for income is my goal—a consistent and conservative approach to daily income. I trade the same way everyday. I like to be done early in the morning, so I can have time to do the things I want to do. Isn’t TIME what it’s all about really? You trade your time for an hourly wage working 8 to 12 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week, just to come home tired, bombarded with bills, burdened with chores, and no time for yourself or your family. By now, it should be quite obvious that I trade for a daily income. Nothing more, nothing less. 1 point a day is plenty for me to make a nice living."

I have been trading futures a long time and I don't know of anyone who makes a living trading one contract for one point which after commission is approximately $46, assuming you never take a stopout. $46 a day will get you less than $1000 a month BEFORE TAXES. Is that a "nice living" for you? It isn't for me, but hey, I don't live in a cardboard box.

Congratulations to those of you who dished out $2495.00 to learn to make enough money with Marsh's course to put you in the USA's official poverty level. As far Mr. Marsh is concerned, well let's just say that making $2495.00 a pop from gullible people is much more profitable than trading his own capital.

Now you know why this man is smiling.

Mr. Marsh, welcome to Phantasmagoria's Vendor Hall of Shame.

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PT / Phatasmagoria

I am going to send an email to Dave today directly to see what he tells me regarding both of your posts.

Again, I am only trying to show my results as I am a student and so far what I have seen is real. I understand it has only been a short time.

I'll post my results today and when Dave emails me I will post his reply up here as well.

I am excited about this trading week !

Lynn W
Originally posted by lwhitmore

PT / Phatasmagoria

I am going to send an email to Dave today directly to see what he tells me regarding both of your posts.

Again, I am only trying to show my results as I am a student and so far what I have seen is real. I understand it has only been a short time.

I'll post my results today and when Dave emails me I will post his reply up here as well.

I am excited about this trading week !

Lynn W

Linda, you should be excited about trading. A proper mindset is important in trading. I hope all your trading goals are achieved!

If Dave cares to refute my comments, he needs to back it up by posting his actual trading statements to prove he trades enough size to earn a living. Alternatively, he can start shooting new videos for his website and Utube showing 10-30 contracts in the dom, since this is what a few other students claimed that's what he told them he actually trades for his own account.

I'm not interested in a rebuttal with a lot of chatter and no facts.
Amen to that Brother!!! Standard vendor fare is all chatter,,,,as usual there's no such thing as bad publicity so I'm not expecting much here
Originally posted by phantasmagoria

I'm not interested in a rebuttal with a lot of chatter and no facts.
Hi Guys,

I am excited about trading! I did email David though because you guys did bring up valid points, so I really wanted his take on it. He responded and I am posting his email below (but I am erasing out mine). You can do what you want with it.

My results today.

First the dow strategy - it is awesome. I made 47 ticks today. 147 ticks so far in the past week. Very excited about this market. Although I plan on learning all the rules on the ES methods, I am focusing a bit more on the dow. It's simply easier for me.

Now on to the ES. We have a "NO ZONE RULE". We do not take certain trades during NO ZONE. I will not disclose it, but I think Dave does on his blog. After NO ZONE there is a certain trade that is normally a winner. I actually forgotten one of the rules and I did this trade because it was a NO ZONE trade. I messed up, Dave called it as invalid and I lost. Dave actually lost on another trade. I took the next normal entry and I recovered and made 1 extra tick.

I waited until NO ZONE happened again (I back-tested this the whole contract and it's a big winner from what I've seen). I took 10 more ticks off the NO ZONE trade.

David did about 7 trades and ended up I think about7 ticks to the good. He was done within 1 hour. I really wasnt done that quick because I traded the Dow Strategy most of the day.

So far, I am very happy. When I traded TI's system, I did not get the support David gives. He really believes in this and I can tell by listening to him talk.

If I were trading live, I would already have made my money back. I am trading simulator and we all know simulator is fake. My trades all went through the prices so I know even though I was on sim, I would have been filled live.

Ok back to David's email. Honestly I feel guilty becuase anyone of you can call him. Whatever though. I am going to just post my results for those who care. Here is dave's email reply to mine:

RE: questions
David Marsh <[email protected]>
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To: Lynn W*************

HI Lynn,

I do remember you! We spoke on Skype. You told me you purchased Traders International and a couple other courses. On to your questions:

1) You are right on the mark! It doesn’t matter if we are already in No Zone. [red]I REMOVED THIS ANSWER!![red]

2) I trade 1 contract on my videos simply because I do those videos on a small trading account, and I do so after I am done trading in the room. As you know, my system really outperforms the first hour of the day as we have decent volume. It gets better again later in the day. I make my point (ES) very early and stop trading for the day. I say this for the S&P. I do trade my dow strategy all day long as the time of day does not matter. Back to your question. When I am in the Room with you and the other students, I am typically trading 25+ contracts. After I am done with the Room, and my One on One phone calls, I will do a video (if I have time). Normally these videos are not during my systems’ most optimal trading time. Trading small contracts is prudent as I already traded, and it’s not in the best time frame. I have several videos out there that I am trading more than 1 contract however.

3) Showing trading statement is a “gray” area with the CFTC/NFA. If I were a fund manager trading other people’s money, it would be acceptable to disclose all this information to establish a track record, etc. I do not offer this service. I have an attorney and I have a compliance officer that both know the CFTC/NFA regs quite well. Bottom line is it is not prudent for us to show trading statements for a few reasons:

a) A CFTC/NFA agent could conceive that as coercion to sell a trading system. This comes directly from my Compliance Officer and attorney.

b) My results are in no way an indication of what your results will be. Anyone that emails me or calls me is always told that trading is VERY TOUGH – because it is. Not everyone will make it! It takes determination, confidence, and discipline. I could show statements all day long and I would still have people that would lack the attributes needed to be a successful trader.

c) If I did show these statement, undoubtedly someone would say I “doctored” them to make them look like winners.

Some people may disagree/agree with my compliance officer and lawyer. I personally sometimes wonder myself. However, I MUST follow advice by my lawyer. This industry is very regulated and I do not intend on crossing any lines. It’s simply not worth it.

4) Will I join the forums? NO. Anyone can contact me if they have any questions at 904-823-1950. I have a lot of students and I do my best to support each and everyone of you via email, phone, and skype. My time is best spent with my students not on forums trying to convince people I am a real trader. People will believe what they want to believe. I am ok with that. I realize trading is not for everyone.

Obviously you are free to post on forums all you want. I ask that you agree to the TOS and do not disclose system rules, settings, parameters. If you want to post your results, that’s fine. Also, if anyone has any questions, please direct them to me at the number above.

Congratulations on such great success! The dow system has been rocking! However, realize you ARE still new! I know you’ve traded other systems, and it appears you are catching on. I still urge you to sim-trade for several weeks. You need to learn to recover, execute perfectly, etc. Just like we talk about in the room.

I wish you continued success, and email me or phone if you have any more questions.


From: Lynn W*******
Sent: Monday, November 30, 2009 8:49 AM
To: David Marsh
Subject: questions

Hi Dave!

Lynn from the UK with a couple questions, if you do not mind.
1) on the DBF/NSE rule, does it matter if we are already in no zone because of the 5 point rule? If I am thinking correctly, once we see 2 back to back nse failures then we wait for the next nse to move 2 points.

You probably do not remember when we talked. I had told you that I was reading forum posts about you as I had purchased 3 other trading courses and they all turned out to be duds. So before I bought your course, I wanted to snoop around and see what I could find out. I had found 3 forums and I did read some positives and I read some negatives. After we spoke, I felt much better about it. After I spoke to 3 of your students and emailed back and forth with several more I was convinced. I have now registered and now post my daily results with your system. I do not discus the ins and outs of our trading, just my overall results and my opinions about you and your system, as I feel it's important.

After posting a few times, I have read some forum posters response's to me, and I'd like to ask you directly. Please understand that I believe in your Tick Trader system as I have it now and I am already up 100 YM Points and 12+ ES points the first week (simulator). These are valid questions so I would like your response.

A) Why do you only trade 1 contract on your videos sent to your blog?
B) Why will you not show your trading statements?
C) Have you considered registering for these forums and answering questions directly? I think it would be a great idea, as then they could talk to you directly and I am sure some people think I am working for you. We both know I am not, in fact you probably don't even know I post or even remember our conversation.

Well that's it for now! I am logged in the trading room and I am ready to go!

Lynn W.

So above is Dave's responses to my questions which are below. I use Yahoo Mail so I just copy/pasted the whole thread.

Well I am off!

Lynn W.

Ok , Lynn ...so Marsh looks as if he has covered his butt, however glibbly that may be.

In your next post give us the actual trades you completed with an approximate , if not actual time....not just a point profit/loss overview.

What these good people here do not realize is that you were called a shill at another forum and you then "disappeared".

But what strikes me is how you continue to waste money going in this direction instead of doing your own research.

You evidently can waste money buying these hypathetically related courses and yet you continue trade sim for a given period. Nothing wrong with that except one thing; did you trade sim on the other courses you bought? Did you trade real money on the other courses? If so , approximately how long and how much did you lose before dumping the vendor?

Something does not add up.....

What is the amount of the initial capital you intend to allocate when you start trading real money?


I think we are aware of the Elite trader situation. I'm not surprised Marsh won't step up with some statements...these vendors don't need to as there seems to be an unlimited number of folks who seek trading riches.....so why bother satisfying the folks who ask the tough questions..
Linda, et al.

Dave claims he trades 25 ES contracts early in the session? Fair enough. Let's give him the opportunity to prove to the community that he is truthful in that regard.

Ask him to project his DOM in the trading room as he takes those trades he calls out. There is absolutely nothing within the CFTC/NFA regulations to prevent him from doing that. If if can produce promotional UTube videos showing 1 contract in a real account, why not show his students he takes down 25 as he submits?

Please ask him and kindly report back here with his reply.

So much for posting results!

Pink: I purchased Trader's International. I traded sim for 3 weeks and live for several weeks and lost 8 grand, not counting the money I paid them. I traded Trading Concepts on sim and live. Made some money with this system.

As far as "not adding up". I was kicked off of ET. I do not know why. You are free to call me a shill. You are free to believe what you feel you want to believe.

After my experiences with the 2 systems, I found these message forums. I've posted about this already. I am stating my opinion and my results on every system I choose to purchase.

Phantasmagoria: As posted in my last response. You are free to contact David directly. I emailed him and I posted his response. He listed his phone number in the email.

I am trying to show my results and I am being hounded! What do you want from me? I don't know why I was kicked off of ET. Am I doing something wrong ET by posting my results? I did not share any information!

Now, if anyone cares, here are my results today.
I had one dow strategy trade for +40 ticks. I am up on sim nearly 200 points so far. My results on ANY system have yet to been this good. I realize I am still new and I have several weeks before I go live. Still though, I love the dow strategy.

The S&P did good for me. The trading room lost the first trade, recovered, and made a nice winner. I skipped all 3 of those trades and waited for a no zone trade. I made 7 ticks :)

So one sp trade and one dow trade. All on sim.

I think at this point I am done with the questions. I am trying to be an active member and share my results and opinions. If I am doing something wrong I ask the powers that be to boot me off like they did on ET.

Lynn W.

I doubt anyone here is interested in your daily SIM results.

In the event I'm wrong, I suggest you start a trading journal here and post your results to your heart's content.

If you don't want to be called out as a shill for this vendor and have the same outcome as your ET experience, I suggest you avoid mentioning his service in your new journal thread. To do otherwise would suggest you are using the forum to promote this vendor, which is a no-no.
Re-read the thread.

Simple indicators and nothing new or revolutionary. Can you make money with a 2 to 1 risk: reward method? Are you man enough to avg. into losers?

Get the picture.