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Does anyone know about David Marsh? I have been strongly considering giving his method a try, but still really haven't found any independent feedback on him. I have spoken to him directly and corresponded with 3 of his students, who all thinks his method works, but of course I got the names from David Marsh. I am hoping to get some feedback from someone independent. Thanks.
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I heard you have this course. I don't know why you don't use it but would you mind sharing it?


day trading is correct and I thought my post was clear. If not let me please make it clear...
{ Sorry: I neglected to write (and should have), that my comments having nothing to do with David Marsh's course. I do not use it, own it and before this link had never heard of it. }
I have his course. But my comments are not as negative.
I have never traded before I aquired course. His methods are [This part of the post removed by Admin. Only post copyright material in the forum if you have the permission of the copyright holder.] I have absolutely no problem with the author of the course. The system works and it does do exactly as it is supposed to do. But the course teaches nothing about a written plan, money managmnet, backtesting data to create confidence that it works, and no mental training on the emotional side of trading, which we all know is the reason most traders do not profit.
I do not use his stuff much anymore because I have learned more about trading price action and using chart structure more or less now. I have since advance to more than just scalping a few ticks here and there.
The course is very precise, good videos, good support anytime you need it and David never failed to answer any questions I had in less than a an hours time by email.
Will it make you money? Trading is more than a system and if not coupled with the right emotional training, it is like any other "holy grail" out there, there isn't one.

uverseman: Sounds like you used the course when you were first starting out. If you were doing it all again would you do this course or would you bypass it and work on other areas of education?

Had you actually started trading before you'd taken his course?

I have brought David Marsh's course over 9 months ago. Have been paper trading with mix success. WHen trading with live account with his autotrading software, half of my account wiped out within three weeks. His strategies is simple with a few free indicator ([snip]) where you set up in the chart and trade based on that. You lost more than you win so I end up lost a bit over 3 thousand dollars from my 6 thousand dollar account. Your win lost ratio is terrible and your are just facing toward failure with his strategy.

I asked for a refund but never being able to get that and not to mention double my money back on his guaranteed.

Bewarn because I have experienced it all with David Marsh strategy and that it will not work but more like gambling your money with his strategy.

i have never tried david marsh's course, but if you guys are that upset about it, you should get together and file a class action lawsuit.
I purchased this course and have been paper trading it for about 3 weeks. I have several years trading experience. I think the course may be what is presented.

David claims to make 1 point a day, every day. In the trading room, I have watched him do just that. My results have not been as good yet, but I think that if you trade for 1 point and then stop, his method will work very well. A large percentage of days, he is done after 1 or 2 trades, in 10 or 15 minutes. The challenging days are when he has to recover from losses, but he has been able to do that ever day I have seen so far. This happens 20% to 30% of the time. I believe the chances of success will go down substantially as you try to get more than 1 point, and trade later in the day.

I will report back after giving it another few weeks.

I agree that it would be very hard to collect on the guarantee, because he can show that it is always possible to make the 1 point if you select the right trades.
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...In the trading room, I have watched him do just that...

When you say that you've watched him do that, does he screen share his trading platform that shows the limit order sitting on the DOME (or equivalent) and you see it get filled and also see his exit get filled at the target?
He does not project his screen, says it is technically against exchange copyright rules. But, he does call out his trades in advance (eg. placing an order to go long at 8.75), not after the fact. It is certainly possible he doesn't get fills as we don't see them.

I FEEL he is an honest guy. He seems very interested in his students success. He is available for phone consultations and answers emails promptly. I believe that he makes the money he says he makes trading. That doesn't mean it will translate to success for his students because there is a certain amount of discretion in his method. For now I am keeping an open mind and giving it an honest shot.

If very short term scalping fits your trading personality, this MAY be a good option. I will let you know.

BTW, done this morning in 3 trades by 9:53.
Hey Canuktrader, you mentioned a few interesting points. I also have been trading for many years now (short term, scalping). Maybe we can exchange thoughts?
Hi Swiss. I'd be happy to talk, but I can't send you a pm. (not enough posts). don't really want to put my email on the forum. Any ideas?
Re-read the thread.

Simple indicators and nothing new or revolutionary. Can you make money with a 2 to 1 risk: reward method? Are you man enough to avg. into losers?

Get the picture.