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Does anyone know about David Marsh? I have been strongly considering giving his method a try, but still really haven't found any independent feedback on him. I have spoken to him directly and corresponded with 3 of his students, who all thinks his method works, but of course I got the names from David Marsh. I am hoping to get some feedback from someone independent. Thanks.
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Hi Swiss. I'd be happy to talk, but I can't send you a pm. (not enough posts). don't really want to put my email on the forum. Any ideas?

Just an FYI. You can left click canuckTrader's name and send him a private email without displaying your name on the forum pages. Just a thought.
Just found this thread. CanukTrader, can you provide an update as to how things are going the TickTrader course since your last post? Thanks
I purchased David's Tick Trader Course last week. I wanted to be involved in the free webinar where he teaches his dow strategy.

I am in the UK and I have purchased 3 other courses - TI, Todd Mitchell, and Blackjack...

I was nervous about david marsh because of some of the posts I've read on this forum and ET. I ended up calling David directly and after speaking to him as well as some of his students I ended up buying the course.

So far I have not traded live and I am still learning. I went to his live dow webinar and that was truly remarkable. He gave that away free. It's alot easier for me at least because there is not a lot of rules. I started practicing papertrading the dow strategy and I did really good the first week.

I am still learning the sp system. He has a lot of videos and does have a lot of rules. Truthfully it looks really good, I just can't say for sure yet because I am still learning.

I signed up just to post about this because I almost did not buy because of this post. If his system does work, I am going to post here so others can here about it.

If it turns out he is a scam, I will say so too.

So far, my first week is very positive. The dow strategy is very good. I am in the room every day and thats been fun and exciting but my head is still spinning trying to absorb it all.

So I will check back in. I will not give away or tell his rules, but I will give an honest view of it.

Lynn W.
Today was my first Sim-day.

I did 2 trades. One in the S&P for 1 point. One in the dow strategy for 44 points. Nice first day.

David and a few others missed the trade that I made and they ended up getting 4 - 5 points down in the room. They recovered and I keep track of all the trades david calls out. I do that so I can figure it all out and I do confirm what he puts on his blog as I am still new. So he did update his blog and he recovered and I matched up the trades.

I had a good first day. If it stays like this i'll be one happy chic!

Night all!
Lynn W.
Day # 2 was very nice. I made 2 dow strategy trades for 25 and 20. 45 ticks there!

I had David's trade on the S&P. I made 4 ticks. I kept trading as the next trade had a higher chance of winning. It lost 6 ticks, but the recovery trade made 9. I stopped right there as I broke the rules.

I can see how easy it is to get carried away. When I traded Trading Concepts we traded all day long.

I have a lot to learn. I know that 2 days is just 2 days. I've been back-testing weeks of data and it looks pretty good.

So I'll keep posting when I can.

Lynn W.
He has a bunch of YouTube video's... http://www.youtube.com/theticktrader

ES: 8 tick stop loss , 4 tick profit target

I just picked this one at random, it has 3 parts...

NSE = Normal System Entry, EET ?

Entries look mechanical with a touch of discretion on the target (4 to 6 ticks). One and Done

I watched a few more videos and the thing that confused me a little bit was when the two different trade setups would give opposing signals. For example the EET would be short and NSE would give a long signal. I guess this is where experience and rules come into play. Just seems a bit confusing at first, and opens the potential for errors by inexperienced traders. Interpreting the background colors and indicator shapes. There appears to be a bit more going on in the decision making process than simple buy / sell signals.
PT EMINI: you sir, are indeed correct! It is not the easiest thing those bloody eet trades versus the pullbacks. David teaches pretty strict rules on when not to take alot of trades. sometimes however both the trades are valid. I am learning quite a bit the last few days. David stayed in the trading room for quite a bit going over rules.

My trades we're a pullback winner. I traded the eet signal, I broke even. I took another eet and made 4 more ticks.

My dow strategy trade was 25 ticks.

3rd day and the dow strategy has made me over 100 ticks. i have also made the point per day on the s&p. I still have a long way to go as there are a lot of rules to absorb.

I suppose that is it for the week.

We will see you all next week.
Lynn W.
Thanks for the feedback and updates Lynn.

If I were trying this, based on what little I know about it, I would probably select one of the trade setups (let's say the NSE) and learn everything about it, all the rules and nuances specific to that trade setup. Become an expert on the one setup. Then expand out to the next setup (perhaps the EET ?) and do the same thing. I think that might help minimize some of the confusion starting out. Perhaps one of the setups seems really easy to recognize or understand, that one would be a good candidate to start with. Start with the easiest trade first to get your feet wet, and save the harder stuff for later.
One of the video's that I watched, David Marsh made a comment that he does not have any performance metrics for the trade setups or trading method he is marketing.

This always raises a concern for me when a vendor chooses to opt out of providing a track record of performance.

I disagree with the position taken by this vendor because he has a trade performance available, but is not willing to make it public. The trade performance is found in the vendor's trading account statements. The vendor can keep these statements private, but can very easily produce trade performance metrics from the statements and make those metrics publicly available on his web-site. If called to account for his performance claims (by the CFTC/NFA), he can produce the actual account statements as proof in defense of his claims. We are lead to believe Mr. Marsh does have trading account statements because in several of his video's he states he is trading a live account with real money on the line. To make this claim but to refuse to publish the corresponding performance statistics associated with that claim does raise questions and suspicion.
Re-read the thread.

Simple indicators and nothing new or revolutionary. Can you make money with a 2 to 1 risk: reward method? Are you man enough to avg. into losers?

Get the picture.