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Lots of discussion about ticks yesterday.WEEKS ago, i pointed out a relationship that has ocurred with incredible accuracy over the last 5 years. Anytime the closing ticks on the nyse is above 800 a significant decline ensues within two trading days.last time , i noticed this i posted it i think aug. 15.Two days later we hit 1303.50 on the e- mini and slammed down about 40 points.Yesterday i noticed plus 853 near the close!I wish some one could backtest this as i have no capacity to do so. The accuracy seems incredible, but more study is needed to be sure.Im not even sure what we closed at on the ticks , but if it was above 800, look out below!
order in to buy 1222.00
long 2 @ 1222.00 , 2 point stop
long 2 at 1221.25, down 4 handles due to above trade. Despite my bearish slant, im trying to buy here because of the positive divergenies on the technicals 5 min. and 15 min. charts.
Ticks closed at +855, kool....

Numbers I am watching today are



upside projections to 1227.50, but ill exit 1224-1225. Mark my words Joe, well break 1200 fri, mon , at the outside! LOL. Sould see 1210 today tho.
out at 1224.75. 7 handles,up only 3 today
Linda Racshke has done some work with Tick extreme closes and how it correlates with Breadth.....

As much as I'd like to see your projections hit I'm curious to see how the market reacts on the 9/11 anniversary.....almost seems like they're setting it up for the BUY........hopefully everyone can win today
Sure , its possible, dont forget yesterday i was expecting a bounce to at least 1248, and we never quite got there. but please keep in mind all my work shows an important low coming late fri. or early mon.Cycles would be supportative of this , so be careful!
see what i mean? Going out for coffee, back soon
that 1224 will need to get "cleaned up" I'm going small at 1215.50
By the way, Joe, theres going to another gap to be filled come Mon. lol!...stay tuned!
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