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Lots of discussion about ticks yesterday.WEEKS ago, i pointed out a relationship that has ocurred with incredible accuracy over the last 5 years. Anytime the closing ticks on the nyse is above 800 a significant decline ensues within two trading days.last time , i noticed this i posted it i think aug. 15.Two days later we hit 1303.50 on the e- mini and slammed down about 40 points.Yesterday i noticed plus 853 near the close!I wish some one could backtest this as i have no capacity to do so. The accuracy seems incredible, but more study is needed to be sure.Im not even sure what we closed at on the ticks , but if it was above 800, look out below!
interesting, i get todays poc at 1227.50 so far!
I am flat as well I have some things to do around the house(my wifes ALMOST due with our second, so with going to doctor every week and all that I'll be real sporadic but hoping that every thing well be back to normal by oct.) so I'll take the rest of the day off I have been up more than 15 points every day this week, thats not normal. Best weeks I have had since July....hmmmm must have something to do with the volume, same thing happened last year.
kool is your poc based on volume or just tpo count? i use one based on trade volume by price.
my projections are 1 min. 1221.50, plus or minus .75 and 5 min. 1219.75 plus or minus 1. Inotice todays val is 1219 (so far) with a nice ledge at 1220.00
Congratulation Joe
5 min. charts just creeping into oversold my linear regresson on the 15 min. chart is 1220.25, so for all these reasons around the minor cycle low 1:20 to 1: 30 ill buy some where between 1219 and 1221.50, probably 1220.50
just using the mp generator at this web site. price only. Got a nice 4 point pop off of poc 1227.50. And iexpect another 1219 to 1220.50
Thanks Red,

One more observation...The ticks AVG has been spending most of the time all day long in the negative area, even when it was running up. Very interesting.
selling one at 1228.75
Im in and playing a 3 point stop. 1,5 , and 15 min. charts are on buy signals so this is probably crazy, but im up 23 today so what the heck!
By the way, Joe, theres going to another gap to be filled come Mon. lol!...stay tuned!
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