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Lots of discussion about ticks yesterday.WEEKS ago, i pointed out a relationship that has ocurred with incredible accuracy over the last 5 years. Anytime the closing ticks on the nyse is above 800 a significant decline ensues within two trading days.last time , i noticed this i posted it i think aug. 15.Two days later we hit 1303.50 on the e- mini and slammed down about 40 points.Yesterday i noticed plus 853 near the close!I wish some one could backtest this as i have no capacity to do so. The accuracy seems incredible, but more study is needed to be sure.Im not even sure what we closed at on the ticks , but if it was above 800, look out below!
covering 2 @ 1213-1214
out at 1214.50,up 5 onthe day. That things moving fast... LOL, i was one tick away from being stopped out!
still looking to buy 1210 area.
bought one at 1217.25
out at 1220.50, 3.25 handles, now up 8.25( the reason for these scalps was the impressive positive divergences on the technicals that i mentioned some time ago, and my belief that well see 1222-1224 before this runs its course)
It seems some traders are keying off of pivots from both u8 & z8. I have fibo on u8
@ 1211 & on z8 @ 1212. We touched both before we moved up. IMHO
wow, did 1224 turn that puppy around or what! Iwas too busy typing and missed it!

1223.25 was +5.5 the open price. The same reason I went long at the lows (thus far) was because it was the same amount down from the open.
I'll be buying the ES on a IB breakout to the upside and targeting 32.5 The ES made new monthly lows and has reversed (thus far) and trading within monthly value, I love this setup. So long as C doesn't treed back into the lower areas of today.
By the way, Joe, theres going to another gap to be filled come Mon. lol!...stay tuned!