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Hey gang,have to leave at 11 today so i tried to bank afew handles on globex last night.If you read my weekly market analysis, you know my viewpoint. Nothing so far changes it. we have the significant decline indicated by fri closing ticks over plus 800. I think the selling may carry into the morning but im becoming more bullish the lower we go(refer to globex 9-23-08 thread).
mini cycle low due around 9:50 give or take
There were single ticks from yesterday between 05.25 - 08.75 and 15.25-21.25. We ate into the bottom ones already to 07.25 and are eating into the upper ones now.
Numbers im watching this morning ,1241-43 1232 1223 1198 1192-4 1184-6 1172.These are areas that will get my attention if the technicals line up. starting up 9 handles from globex. Good luck all!
sold one at 1222.25, 4 point stop due to volitility
Thx Prest! IMlooking for a little pull back to 1216-18 but ill exit sooner
tried for 1218.50, out at 1219.25 plus 3 ... up 12 today
God, if Bruce or Joe could teach me patience id be flat out rich...ROFL
We filled the single ticks to 21.25. The value range today is 22.0-41.0. we nosed into value to 22.75 and then it got rejected.
Its wanting to go back to the mov. avg. around 1212 within the next 15 min. But who knows?
I had 12 points on a short @ 4:15 (over 9k paper profit) I held it overnight I never hold overnight LOL unless there's a coming Asia crisis or a Buffet Bailout, well at least I had enough since to go long after the news, was up a LOT now not so much, 12 points is always enough no since in holding overnight. I mean it this time I am not holding overnight! Now I have 6points on along and feel glued to the screen...
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