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Hey gang,have to leave at 11 today so i tried to bank afew handles on globex last night.If you read my weekly market analysis, you know my viewpoint. Nothing so far changes it. we have the significant decline indicated by fri closing ticks over plus 800. I think the selling may carry into the morning but im becoming more bullish the lower we go(refer to globex 9-23-08 thread).
singles from 87.75-01.0 were filled
1184 61.8 retracement on the spx.
Do we have a bottom in for the day? Looks to be forming at least....
i want to be a buyer now, was tareting 87 but could not get filled, maybe on the next swing low...
Back at last. Wow looks like i missed some fun! Did i nail that top at 10:27 or what! Margie, whats mov. avg. minus 20! REMEMBER MY NUMBERS I GAVE. 15MIN. AND 5 MIN. NOW OVERSOLD. In fact they just gave buys so i might have missed it.avg. at 1204.
I dont trust this rebound at all. too quick, too steep .
shorting one. Margie, see what number it halted at? NOW RESISTANCE,not support
short one from 1297.25, 2.5 stop, quick exit tho
avg. at 1203 and falling fast, im out 1193-4 area or sooner! might be too late. swung to 1193.75 already
2nd touch of 1299.25.
I had 12 points on a short @ 4:15 (over 9k paper profit) I held it overnight I never hold overnight LOL unless there's a coming Asia crisis or a Buffet Bailout, well at least I had enough since to go long after the news, was up a LOT now not so much, 12 points is always enough no since in holding overnight. I mean it this time I am not holding overnight! Now I have 6points on along and feel glued to the screen...
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