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es - 9-29-08

I'm begining long campaign down at 1183.25.I may be early and I may even be wrong....but we had the low tick s and high volume thrust.....real key numbers are at the 79 - 84 area....1202 has overnight single and part of fridays key volume doubt a hard trade to take..good luck to all today
Ok gang, huge positive divergencies appearing on longer term charts up to 60 min. at least.That means a short term bottom is in place or will be soon!
2:17-19 low is in.
Iknow im nuts, but if they take it down to 1130-32 i may try a buy... very , very, risky tho!
worse then trying to hold thorugh a fed announcement.....been on both sides of those too.....with mixed results...if it wasn;t for the larger earlier wins , there would be no way I would be holding this....
going to sell first tho(around 2:30 1 min. peak)
selling 1152 area buying 1130 area
Hold on Bruce, believe it or not i think youll be ok in a day or 2
a day or two...gheesh that would be too long for me.....
Originally posted by koolblue

Hold on Bruce, believe it or not i think youll be ok in a day or 2

oil down 11 adding pressure on SP 500
Awicked and i mean wicked triangle forming on the 5 min. chart . a big move is coming . COULD BE EITHER WAY. current trend lines around 1146 and 1132
Thanks Charter Joe, I will work with them and ask questions along the way, if you don't mind.
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