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es - 9-29-08

I'm begining long campaign down at 1183.25.I may be early and I may even be wrong....but we had the low tick s and high volume thrust.....real key numbers are at the 79 - 84 area....1202 has overnight single and part of fridays key volume doubt a hard trade to take..good luck to all today
I might buy some calls as well before the bell...30min is 11.5!!!
Charter Joe,
What study is it that you use with the square of nines? I would like to study up on it.
well, down 650 on the dow.. really thought it would tank 800 with no passage of the bill ... proud of my call for a top though .My trading friends were all laughing. not any more!
if we get near 1086 i buy a few more calls

I'll give you a list of those numbers and just trade them like pivot points no need to buy a cource...I'll do it latter I got a trade on right now
they need to close the US markets until further notice...
low should begin on this 5 min bar(at least a temp one)
buying here
Charter joe, don't let me interupt ever. Just answer on your time
Thanks Charter Joe, I will work with them and ask questions along the way, if you don't mind.